10 Epic photo-ops with statues

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2 That’s naughty

Well love can be anywhere and sometimes it can be even jealous sometimes. So this lady found a great photo op to kiss a statue of a police officer while stopping a girl’s statue that is supposed to be running towards the officer. The pose proves that this photo is great example of perfect timing.

That’s naughty
Image Source: www.diply.com

3 Where are you going? You nonsense Spiderman

Even superheroes can get in trouble some times and this Spiderman supposedly has some great sense of humor with him. He doesn’t let go of a great photo opportunity when he came across this statue of a person.

Nice scene placement makes like the statue is holding the spidey from his neck in order to intimidate him.

Where are you going? You nonsense Spiderman
Image Source: www.ostijaimeca.com

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