10 Epic photo-ops with statues

10 Epic photo-ops with statues

4 Ringa ringa roses

Most of us have heard the nursery rhyme Ringa Ringa roses. We all used to make a circle by holding our hands and singing the rhyme.

This guy in the pic has a light bulb moment to add himself to the whole chain and make it look like he is dragged around with the little girl.

Ringa ringa roses
Image Source: www.lodoshaber.com

5 The thief

This statue here is of a man hugging his wife in what seems to be a goodbye or a welcome. Also there is a bag kept near him and this heartless person decides to steal it.

You cannot get more insensitive than trying to steal from a couple that is enjoying a moment of true love with each other.

The thief
Image Source: www.ochepyatki.ru