10 One-Letter Place Names – Find Out Where They Are

5. O in England:

The “O” is that small tributary of River Dart, which flows across the Devon’s Dartmoor region in southeast England. Ocbroke was apparently The “O”’s original name, with meaning- “oak brook”. Despite that, another history made available claims that it was initially called “Wo,” probably taking its name from an Old English word woh, which means “crooked” or otherwise “twisted.” Whatever may be its origin, local legend says the valley The “O” flows through was once a habitat to an unnamed dragon.

6. Ö in Sweden:

Pronounced just like the vowel in a purse, “Ö” is a very small Island village in Ånge, a region of central Sweden. The population of “Ö” as at 2010 was 58! “Ö” despite not being surrounded by water, the name literally means “island” in Danish and Swedish.

O city
ö is island in swedish

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