10 One-Letter Place Names – Find Out Where They Are

9. Y in France:

Y is a commune (equivalent to the township or local district in French) about 100miles north of Paris, the Picardy region of northern France. According to the last French national census, Y is a home to just 86 people. Standing on the banks of the Somme river, Y during the First World War happened to be the site for few of the fiercest fighting on the Western Front. Beside this, it is on record that one of the largest mines in the history of the military was detonated near Y in 1916. The village’s Y Ravine Cemetery takes custody of monuments to over 400 soldiers. Y is pronounced like the short “ee,”

Y Somme
Y in France

10. Y in Alaska:

“Y” just as pronounced, happened to be a place designated for the census in southern Alaska. It was so named after the Y-shaped intersection of George Parks Highway nearby and Talkeetna Spur Road. Boasting a population of 1,200 and above in 2010 made Y be the most populated one-letter place under the globe but has been renamed Susitna North long ago.

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