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10 Illustrations that show the extreme downfall of our modern society


The modern world is like one large spider web with us humans trapped in our own progress of technology. Gone are the days of spending quiet walks in the countryside. We are more like one large endless GIF loop committed to mundane existence.

But take a while to ponder over how reliant you are on this chaotic world and you’ll understand the humor behind the concept of artist Steve Cutts comical drawings of modern apocalypse.

1 Whats the most frustrating word in the world

Buffering!! Don’t you hate this word when you are sitting with friends and a large bag of popcorn expecting to catch that favorite movie on Netflix and all that appears onscreen is ‘BUFFERING’ doesn’t that get your goat?? By the time you get to see the intro your popcorns turned hard, your friends have gone and you’re ready to boot your TV into the wall.

frustrating word in the world

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2 The real legacy we leave behind on the planet

Trash is our biggest legacy. Mountains and waves of trash be it on Land Sea and water we are forever treating the planet like some garbage vat.

Trash is our biggest legacy

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3 Pokemon zombies

If we ever do face a Zombie apocalypse just hand them your Pokemon Go and they’ll be too distracted searching for a Pikachu or a dragonite. Humans with their Pokemon Go are now the real zombies on the planet.

Pokemon zombies

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4 The biggest symbol of immortality

Mickey Mouse will never die. He will live forever even when you’re long dead and gone.

The biggest symbol of immortality

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5 Personal space is a rarity

Drawings of the modern apocalypse are truly clever depictions of chaos. With so much sharing going on, personal space is a thing of the past. It’s hard to get even a phone booth for a personal conversation without someone you know nosing in.

Drawings of the modern apocalypse

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6 Just Google it

The human race may soon evolve to feature shrunken heads due to the non usage of brains. After all we don’t even need memory since everything is on Google except your car keys.

Human brain

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7 Humanity, the biggest affliction

With the population bursting at it seams and with the way human beings treat the planet, one could well say earth is afflicted by a severe case of humanity and there is no effective antibiotic for that.

Humanity, the biggest affliction

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8 The dreaded word “Monday”

Mondays are hell, Mondays are those days which make you feel like your entering the gates of hell. Mondays are beasts plaguing us for the entire week.

fear of Mondays

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9 What jess and Roger Rabbitt look like today

Gone are the days of outdoor activity. The idiot box and satellite entertainment have overtaken us all. That’s what we too will look like if we don’t move our backsides from that TV.

What jess and Roger Rabbitt look like

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10 Dinner today

The best drawing of modern apocalypse and what we have been reduced to. That’s dinner today. No more the freshness of veggies and lovely steaks. Who has time for them, who has time to come home and cook for kids? Just grab a can of processed food and cut it open. This is why humans too are now processed social animals.

Dinner today

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