31 Lessons we must teach our Children

We need to teach our children good moral values from the very beginning so they can have a strong character when they are grown

Childhood is precious, save your kid’s childhood

Having a baby is one of the most important events in someone’s life and there are a lot of questions in their mind about how to raise children well. As time passes by and parents have more children, their list of things to teach to their kids also evolves and grow longer.

We shall be briefly discussing many of those lessons and while many of these are applicable for children at an early age, many are meant for a little grown up children. Raising children is not just about providing financial resources, but also involves time, discipline and relationship building. If we see raising children from a religious point of view, every religion teaches to build faith in them so they can have good moral values and character when they grow up.

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Osteoporosis ( bone disease) and Your Challenging Life: Causes and Preventions

Learn how osteoporosis affects your body and how can you prevent from it. This disease can shorten your healthy lifestyle…

The risk of Osteoporosis

Everyone is completely aware of osteoporosis which is the known bone disease. This involves softening of the bones. The bones become weak and you become unable to walk and are always at risk of breaking your bones even with normal exertion such as accidently bumping into someone or something and any minor or serious fall. When the diseases get severe it also results in bone breakage just due to sneezing. Having a work routine and learning about the symptoms your body is giving about osteoporosis then you need to take immediate action on it before anything gets severe.

Not only natural but there are certain genetic risks too that might lead to osteoporosis. The common genetic factors causing osteoporosis are:

• Hispanic and black women have low risks of having osteoporosis than white women

• Slim women may have high risk of bone weakening

• Family history

Image source : scienceblogs.com

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11 Human Problems Music Can Solve- What are they?

Music is indeed a splendid solution to human problems.

It makes one to dance anyhow he wishes, cheers one up when down, and permits one to drown out whenever he needs to. Having mentioned all these, it is good to know that music, sound and song still have their scientific advantages too. The documentary- “Alive Inside” expresses in detail the positive reaction of a dementia patient when given iPods that are loaded with their old type of favourite songs. Music of such does help to revive them to live. When listening to such old-time favourite music, a lot of the documentary’s patients may sing along, have the brief discussion with others, and even provide answers to questions about their life.

“Music imprints itself in the brain deeper than any human experience,” says Oliver Sacks, a neurologist who appears in the movie. “Music evokes emotion, and emotion brings with it…memory.”

The documentary follows present studies revealing that music do improve the memories of dementia patients, as well as helps them to develop new memories.
Below are some other things which music has been known to “solve”:


1. Low Birth Weight:

Babies born prematurely often require an extended stay in hospitals for intensive care so to help them acquire more strength, weight and vigour in a way. To facilitate these types of processes and more, many hospitals result to music. Before now, a team of researchers in Canada discovered that playing music to preemies reduce their level of pains as it encourages better feeding habits, which in turn aides gain in weight. Moreso, hospitals do utilise instruments of music to mimic the sound of a mother’s womb and heartbeat to lull premature babies into sleep. Researchers also claim that playing calm Mozart to premature infants significantly reduce the amount of expended energy, and this makes them acquire more weight.

Really, this even “makes you wonder whether neonatal intensive care units should consider music exposure as standard practice for at-risk infants,” as said by Dr. Nestor Lopez-Duran at child-psych.org.

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Major breakthrough in Psoriasis Treatment, the miracle drug gives hope to thousands

A new revolution in Psoriasis Treatment; the miracle drug can now save patients from suffering.

Do not suffer from Psoriasis anymore!

People suffering from Psoriasis can now take a breath of relief as researchers have discovered a miracle drug that promises to cure thousands. According to a recent study done on Psoriasis patients, around 40 percent of them completely recovered within 12 weeks of drug treatment. The figures sound promising and give a lot of hope for other people suffering from the disease.

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Image Source : www.webmd.com
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The Height-Weight Chart: Your guide to check any abnormality

Your Obesity is waiting for you to Reduce Weight- Get help from BMI


The Height-Weight chart is a very basic tool to check if you fall under normal ranges or not. Having a balanced height to weight ratio indicates good health. You can either look up the chart, find the information yourself or you can just use interactive MBI calculator. This is also known as body mass index and suggests how much weight one should have for a particular height. A balanced height to weight ratio is a basic measurement and one also need to take into account the muscle, fat and amount of bones in the body. The amount of fat is a critical measurement as it indicates how much fat your body contains. However, the assessment may not be accurate but at least gives a fair idea of fat composition.

The chart is only applicable to adults (both men and women) and does not apply to people younger than 18. You can use the BMI healthy weight calculator instead for children and people younger than 18. As a general rule, the chart is applicable for most adults except those having very muscular build. This is because although you have very less fat, a lot of muscles may put you in the overweight category. The circumference of your waist can also provide information about your health other than the BMI.

A lunch with Warren Buffet successfully raises $2.17 million for Charity- Big Story

Over the past fifteen years, Glide was able to receive more than $16 million from the Buffett Lunch Auctions and the figure is raising… lunch with Warren Buffett

You have to believe this:

In the 4th biggest winning bid ever in an annual charity auction, a man from Singapore won the bid for $2.17 million to have lunch with Warren Buffett. The winner was identified by San Francisco-based Glide Foundation’s representative as Andy Chua from Singapore. Glide Foundation gets 100 percent profits from the sale.

Andy Chua placed the winning bid just 6 minutes before the end of the online auction (10:30 p.m. ET, Friday). Compared to the last year’s bid of $1 million by an anonymous bidder, this year’s bid is much more than two times of the previous bid. The record of the highest bid was made in 2012 when an anonymous bidder placed a bid of around $3.45 million. The 2010/2011 auctions were both won by Ted Weschler for more than $2.6 million each time. He is currently the portfolio manager at Berkshire Hathaway.

lunch with Warren Buffett (Image Source:www.biz.uiowa.edu)

Over the past fifteen years, Glide was able to receive more than $16 million from the Buffett Lunch Auctions. Organization’s co-founder and also the Minister of Liberation, Reverend Cecil Williams said “Our true mission at Glide has always been to serve the poor first and foremost and Mr. Buffett’s generosity helps us do that in a powerfully human way.”

The winning bidder along with seven other people gets the rare opportunity to share a lunch with Warren Buffett at New York’s Smith & Wollensky steakhouse. Some of the winners over the past also choose to meet him at his hometown Omaha.

Here are quick details about the winning bids since 2000.

2000 – $25,000, 2001 – $18,000, 2002 – $25,000, 2003 – $250,100, 2004 – $202,100, 2005 – $351,100, 2006 – $620,100, 2007 – $650,100, 2008 – $2,110,100, 2009 – $1,680,300, 2010 – $2,626,311, 2011 – $ 2,626,311, 2012 – $3,456,789, 2013 – $1,001,000, 2014 – $2,166,766

Mysterious Sinkholes just getting Bigger in Russian City

In Crater Plagued City recently the size of sinkholes increased four times, and there are now five holes throughout the city with fears that they’ll keep growing. Nearby residents have been moved to safer locations, but the threat still lingers.

According to local officials, over a period of just three months, the size of the most recent sinkhole found in Urals city is four times the size of first found in 17th February. The first sinkhole was discovered during a routine patrol near Berezniki (hit by crater) in Perm Krai with a diameter of around 5 meters. According to Uralkaliy’s Head of Monitoring and Geo Exploration Andrey Rodionov, the fifth one initially measured 7.5 meters but now it stands at a whopping 22 meters. He also told that although it extended because of its sliding walls but this cannot contribute to its depth that still stands at 9 meters deep.

There are now five holes around the city, with fears this will only grow. Residents living close to the craters have been moved away from the danger zone, but the threat remains.
Image Source

Diluted breast milk proved fatal for ten weeks old baby

Is water intake essential for the babies age less than 6 months? 10-Week-Old Baby Dies of Water Intoxication Due to Parents Diluting Breast Milk

Water is the safest and healthiest drink for all of us. Is water healthy for new born babies till the age of 6 months? Well, it needs to be discussed.10-Week-Old Baby Dies of Water Intoxication Due to Parents Diluting Breast Milk. Water intake seems too natural to all of us that this headline can be shocking. As a matter of principal, it is not a really cool idea to make your baby drink water until he is six months old. Medical scientists say that at this early age breast milk or formulated milk is just enough to fulfil their hydration needs.

Breast milk contains approximately 88% water, all the vital nutrients baby needs and is considered the best. The milk given to the baby in adequate amount as per his needs is just enough, and nothing else must be given to the child as feed in early months of his life. Even in hot, humid or dry weather that milk is considered just enough unless stated otherwise by the physician.


The issue

Little babies are tender souls and they need special care. In the start, their immune system is weak and so they can suffer a lot through slight negligence. The water given at this age may interfere with the little one ability to digest breast milk and hence can be problematic. It can inhibit his appetite and may lead to malnourishment. Water intoxication is a serious condition of babies who drink too much water. It imbalances the electrolyte balance in the body and may end in causing brain swelling, unresponsiveness, seizures, coma or in rare cases death too. Each time a baby pee, he loses certain amount of water as well electrolyte. Too much water means too much electrolyte loss and that’s not healthy of course. The risk goes higher if the baby is also suffering from diarrhoea.

Simple yet powerful techniques for improving your Memory anyone can do

We all in one way desire to improve our memory – to remember the names of those we meet daily or significant things people say to us or to make good grades.

This happens to be a struggle for many of us; however, scientists are constantly researching new connections between the simple things we do and how to improve our memory capacity. And though memory is a rather complicated process consisting of various brain activities, below we present a simplified version.


When it comes to recalling, we have two types of memory – short-term or working memory and long-term memory. Working memory is like a brain notepad where information is temporarily held till they become unnecessary. If they are still necessary after they have been used, they are committed to the long-term memory where they are strengthened and recalled.

We make use of our working memory daily and where it is stronger our lives are made so much easier. An adult’s working memory can hold a maximum of about seven items. Anyone’s working memory may be improved though.


It’s stupidity to wait for the perfect timing; it won’t happen

Usually, people wait for some particular sets of condition that must happen to make their next move. Whoa! How can they even think that…

For me, it is ridiculous to hear that someone is waiting for the perfect timing for making decisions and movements. Usually, people expect for some particular sets of condition that must happen to make their next move. Whoa! How can they even think that something will come from heaven for them, and they will enjoy that for the moon and back!

What I believe is that they do create some escapes and excuses. They truly produce obstacles in their path. Might be, they would be on the right way, but these lame excuses and diversions will only harden their path. In fact, they create such resistance to their path that doesn’t exist there. Some people wait for some supernatural powers to align their cosmos for the good future and in a real sense, they do nothing at all. They waste their time in waiting for the perfect day to come and moreover, they believe that there would be a specific time for them to make decision and action. In actual, they do not want to come outside of their comfort zone and blame others and some unnatural powers for the time they wasted on different things.

perfect time