10 Famous personalities whose teachers said they were Dumb

Although Teachers are regarded as instrumental in molding a person’s character in school and a beacon of light in the education of a child, not always are teachers right. In today’s fast paced world of competitive education, teachers have little time to educate those, who are slow at learning.

Here are ten instances of famous personalities in history, both celebrities and scientists alike, whose teachers said they were dumb and who would amount to nothing.
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25 ways to explain Unexplainable Feelings

You may have experienced any of these or you are currently experiencing it; it may be someone you know. Do not feel weird about it. Everybody has feelings they can’t relate to.

As humans, we all have feelings. Love, hate, anger, joy, and what-have-you are all feelings that we’ve come to recognize over time. However, there are many feelings we experience without any real word to describe them. These words are what John Koenig created and compiled into the “Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows”.


When you realize that everyone you meet has a life of struggle and complications. A life filled with personal dreams, worries, relationships, schedules, and madness – seems your story is just one out of billions. The reality of life that makes you look like a giant reducing gradually to a minion.

  1. OPIA

Opia is the doubtful intensity of staring straight at someone which can in turn, cause feelings of invasion and vulnerability.



Monachopsis is the gentle but persistent feeling that one does not belong.

  1. Énouement

Énouement is the bittersweet feeling of experiencing the future but unable to remember the past life.

  1. Vellichor

Vellichor is the unusually vague feeling of old bookshops. You feel like you are around books which you cannot relate to because they contain ancient thoughts of old authors.

The Most Common Recurring Dreams as Experienced by Human And Why We Have Them

Most Common Recurring Dreams

Truth be told, recurring dreams are necessarily not the common types that people do have, rather the most remembered ones, and frequently talked of. This probably is due to the recurrence of those types of dreams, putting them into the memory of such set of dreamers as the recurring dreams underlying purpose. In case a dream keeps coming to one’s memory, the reason is that it is attempting to call for your attention. This is a very specific thing.
Considering the economics of the mind of man, carrying some emotional situations often turn to such recognizable figure that has worked prior. And this is commonly experienced in the forms of recurring dream. Now, just flash back to recall those dreams (such as being chased, naked in public, falling, etc) that trouble us in often? Such are neither filled with plots nor characters, instead with themes that are more familiar.

This write-up had discussed below the most common recurring dreams as experienced by human;

i) Resuming Back To School:

The dream of returning to school when not fully prepared also falls into the category of dreams. This often recurs when one is unprepared for whatever life may have in stuck. The dreamer might dream of being fully back in the school for an unprepared examination. A dream pointing out such vulnerability is helping at balancing the underlying feelings of overwhelming insecurity and responsibility. Being first faced with the challenge of accountability in school, it also needs to prove us in our real adult life may spring up such dream.

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5 Nonsense Science Myths You Learnt on Kindergarten

These five science myths are commonly taught to us when we are kids but do they really hold any scientific authenticity? Let’s find out


Love your Childhood Myths?

We are sent to school just when we have reached an age when we start questioning things around us. Our parents believed school teachers are better equipped to teach and provide their kids with answers to their questions. But teachers are humans too and they can also tell us something not very scientific and proven. Here we’ll discuss top 5 of those things that we were taught in Kindergarten but hold no real truth to them.

1. Diamonds come from Coal

It’s a common belief that diamonds are made from coal, extreme pressure and a lot of time for them to do their thing. But that’s just a vague general statement and scientists do believe that Diamonds certainly don’t come from raw coal.

Carbon is the basic building block of all diamonds and we know it’s the same for coal too, but there is a difference. According to many scientific studies, Diamonds are made out of really old carbon atoms whereas coal consists of relatively newer carbon atoms. If diamonds were to be produced from coal, it’d need immense pressure which under normal circumstances isn’t possible.

This is how diamonds are actually made: Carbon-rich rocks initiate their initial formation at Earth’s mantle under intense pressure over a long period of time. Volcanic explosions then make them delivered to the Earth’s surface.

Image Source: bringelixir.com

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7 commonly believed Health myths we just can’t forget

These 7 health myths are the most commonly accepted ones, but they don’t really hold a strong scientific evidence to support them

We are surrounded by so many health-related myths that sometimes it becomes difficult to know what’s authentic and what’s not. What makes the situation worse is that we believe many of them for a long time and never even question about their scientific validity. It’s not possible to cover all those myths here, but we have picked the top 7 and most commonly believed myths.

1. You become fat by eating fatty foods

The statement sounds quite convincing and it’s natural that fatty foods make you fat, but actually this isn’t quite true. Just because you eat fatty foods doesn’t mean it’ll stay there forever. The reality is that you become fat if you consume more calories than you can burn. In fact, fats are a necessary part of a balanced and healthy diet. The real issue is the excess intake of fats and lack of physical activity i.e. calories intake is much greater than calories burnt.

Fatty foods
Image Source : www.healthmeup.com

2. Carbs also make you fat

It’s either fats or carbs that people blame all the time for being responsible for obesity and overweight. Once again it’s about healthy balance in diet and a balanced amount of carbs should not be a problem for anyone. Carbs can do their harm only if you eat a poor diet or don’t exercise regularly. Completely eliminating carbs from the diet is not recommended and a healthy balance should be maintained between different diets.

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9 things, illegal in many countries, but legal in America

9 surprising things banned in many countries but in the US they are absolutely fine

1. Baby Walkers

Baby walkers were banned in Canada in 2004 because the Government believed they could be dangerous for babies in many situations and also delay mental and motor development. Any Canadian citizen caught selling or in possession of a baby walker can be charged with heavy fines  or  months in jail.

2. Bringing ketchup in schools

To preserve the French cuisine flavor, they banned ketchup in school cafeterias in 2011. On the other hand in the US, people cannot even imagine to start their meal without a bottle of ketchup.

3. Mullets

Mullets, also considered decadent men’s western hairstyles by Iranian Ministry of Culture, were banned in 2010. The ban included mullets, ponytails and spikes. The purpose of the ban was to discourage the Iranian youth from following western fashion blindly.

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Special Tricks to create a good work-life balance

Creating a healthy work-life balance is critical to an executive’s overall well-being and provides more energy to make the most out of both

It’s about maintaining balance

The question of how to effectively manage work so that it doesn’t affect private, family and social life has been a concern for most professionals since long. Successful senior executives have discovered that pursuing high ranks in the corporate ladder is about creating a good balance between work and home in such a way that you don’t lose yourself in either of them. Creating such balance also requires people to involve their family members in their work related activities and decisions.

We shall be exploring the results of interviews conducted for over five years involving 4,000 executives from around the globe. These interviews were conducted by Harvard Business School students and also included a survey of 82 of the Harvard Business School leadership course executives.

It’s about maintaining balance
It’s about maintaining balance

No matter how deliberate we are in our choices, there are always uncertainties surrounding us, but the key is to stay put and that’s exactly what was commonly found in the successful executives who were interviewed. We can extract five themes as following from their interviews and shall be discussing each in detail.

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Your cute Pets can be a source of these Dangerous Diseases

Diseases and infections pets can pass onto humans and their common symptoms

The lovely pets and the danger they carry

Your pet may be cute, loyal, cuddly and adorable, and you probably love them, but you should be aware of something else too. They can also be a source of many dangerous diseases you must be aware of so you can take proper precautions.


1. Bubonic Plague

The primary source of spreading this disease is rodents, but cats can also catch it since they are always after them. Once a cat is infected, the disease can be passed on to humans through fleas and body fluids. Bubonic Disease’s symptoms can vary from headaches to diarrhea and if someone having a cat experiences these symptoms, they should immediately seek medical attention.

2. Giardia

Giardia affects intestines and bowels and other than contaminated water, it also infects humans through pets. Its symptoms include diarrhoea, stomach pain and vomiting and all of them together and individually lead to dehydration.

3. Rabies

Rabies is a well-known and life-threatening viral disease affecting brains of humans and animals alike. It’s transmitted if an infected animal bites another animal or human. It can also lead to death or fatality if immediate medical attention is not given to the victim. Altered mental state, dizziness, and seizures are its most common symptoms.

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Malaysian locals believe tourist’s Naked photo-shoot is the reason behind recent major Earthquake

Scared mountains of Malaysia curse Locals by Calling Earthquakes

The Sacred Mountain

Mount Kinabalu is Southeast Asia’s highest peak with an altitude of 13,435 feet and is an attraction for tourists all around the world. The site is considered sacred by the local Sabahans and also has a protected status in the national park and is UNESCO’s World Heritage site. Each year a huge number of tourists visit the majestic mountain but something strange happened this time.

Mount Kinabalu

A major earthquake hit just four days after naked pictures of ten holidaymakers at Mount Kinabalu, located at Borneo Island, appeared on the internet. The photos were shot on May 10 and they are also accused of urinating on the mountain further adding substance to the drama. As a result of the earthquake, 130 climbers got trapped at the mountain. The locals believe that the earthquake is a consequence of those naked pictures and tourist’s inappropriate and inhuman behavior.


Sun For Sale? Insight story will make you Cringe

The New Hottest property, our Sun

Until recently our beloved planet Earth was the only place where the market for real estate existed. But things seem to be changing now as the market is now expanding out to Solar system and now land on Sun is also for sale. It may sound weird, but that’s exactly what a woman tried to do by selling plots on Sun.

You won’t believe

Sometimes people do things we wonder how that even got into their minds. Earlier in 2010 a Spanish woman (age 54) Maria Angeles Duran believed and openly declared she owns the Sun. She even intended to charge the beneficiaries of Sun-like the Solar Energy users. And, believe it or not, she even made that happen and the Spanish court recognized her claims. She even registered the star in her name at one of the notary offices in Spain. That’s another matter that no Solar panel user was actually sent invoices. Farmers were lucky they were excluded as their crops also utilize quite a lot of the solar energy. When she laid her claim to the sun she said “There was no snag, I backed my claim legally, I am not stupid, I know the law”

The notary public issued document declares Ms Duran to be the 'owner of the Sun
The notary public issued document declares Ms Duran to be the ‘owner of the Sun (Image Source :