This boy had lost his nose, but doctors recently gave him a new lease of life

Medical science is improving day-by-day and doctors are finding and applying new ways to cure patients. Recently, an Indian boy grew a nose on his forehead and then had it transplanted in its correct place. This was needed because the boy had lost his nose as in infant and since then had been living every moment without a nose. Look at how this boy regained not just his nose, but also his life.
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The cute photographs of these elderly people will give you serious and definitive happiness goals

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, a notable French author had once said, “All grown-ups were once children… But only few of them remember it”. Don’t you think this quote is a tragedy of sorts? We all cherish our childhood, simply because we used to be happy for no reason at all, but growing up has wreaked havoc in our lives. We are constantly stressed out, either because of a job, or a relationship, or anything for that matter, and consequently many of us have stopped laughing and living our lives happily. But we are going to show you some amazingly cute photographs of elderly people, and these pictures will give you some happiness goals, and mind you these goals can very easily be achieved if you really want to achieve them. Be amazed at the happiness level of these people:
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See what you should not be doing in these top 10 most visited countries

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, well this is true not only for Rome, but every country has some codes of conduct and norms which must be taken seriously by the tourists, or they might face some real problems. Here we are about to give you a list of behaviour do’s and don’ts for the top 10 most popular tourist destinations of the world. So, if you are planning to visit these countries, these tips might help you out:
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10 Unresolved mysteries on earth

Our earth is a like a mystery sphere which keeps giving surprises every now and then. Over the years there have been many occurrences which remain a mystery even now. Archaeologists and researchers are still trying to figure out what these things are. Let’s see 10 amazing things which have been found on earth but can’t really be explained completely:
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How do successful people outshine as compared to unsuccessful people?

Ever wondered what makes some people climb up the ladder of life successfully and others are just not able to take meaningful and successful steps. Some important attributes like hard work, passion, perseverance and concentration are definitely needed, but that is not all. There are habits and inbuilt personality traits among successful people which make them shine throughout their lives and which can never let them fall or fail. If you want to be successful, you need to acquire these habits, if you already don’t have them. Your behavior will 95% of the times, be a resultant of the habits you have, so make them a part of your life to make your life.

Here, we are going to share some interesting info graphics which differentiate successful people from the unsuccessful ones, have fun watching them and we hope you incorporate these things in your life.
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Stunning surreal photo manipulations will make you put your thinking caps on

Creative people have a knack to be different, and they are never settled in their minds, because they constantly look for different ways to stun the world with their work. One such person is a Moroccan photographer and filmmaker, Achraf Baznani, who creates amazing photographs while carrying on the traditions of Surrealism. Although he has not received any formal training in photography, but his works are filled with imagination, impractical imagery and even wild scenarios about life in the digital age. He creates photos with small human figures-often posing himself as the model, and creates mind-boggling effects wherein sometimes he gets himself trapped in balloons or bulb. Achraf uses Photoshop CS4 to create these mind-blowing effects, he says he learnt all of this by himself by studying for hours through the online tutorials. He categorizes his art as “Conceptual Photography’, where he intends to give out a message with his photographs. Enough said, let us show you some of his masterpieces.
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Sleeping positions revealing your true relationship status

Sleeping is an activity where the subconscious works, and if a couple is unable to show their true feelings for each other during their waking hours, the sleeping positions taken by them can tell them what they feel for each other, and how connected they are towards each other and towards one self. Many researchers have studied how do sleeping positions reveal the secrets of a relationship. Most studies have come up with these 10 sleeping positions and what all secrets they uncover in a relationship. Take a look at them and see how you are connected with your partner.
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Life – saving facts for you and your loved ones

We can never predict what all surprises or shocks life throws at us, obviously we cannot be prepared for everything and anything that may happen to us all of a sudden. But, if we know about somethings, some facts, we can take some actions, which can be helpful in saving lives. Obviously nobody wants to think about those negative moments, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Right? So, here we are going to tell you about such life-saving facts, which may become useful at some unfortunate moment. And one Rule which applies to all life-threatening situations: DON’T PANIC.
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How to keep your Skin fresh and glowing during Summer

The summer heat and the resultant damage to your skin are at its peak. Summer comes and so do skin problems like dark tans, acne breakouts, pigmentation and what not. You may even experience being called an oil machine (due to the excessive oil production). Now, who does not want to shine during the summer months when we have the best opportunity to show off our bodies? But then, not all of us are blessed with excessive money and time to keep heading to the salons and have our skin woes worked out. Here comes your kitchen to the rescue; storm this best part of your house for some amazing homemade hacks to get a clear, fresh and glowing skin. We are going to give you a list of home remedies that will do wonders for your skin. Neither will they burn your pockets as salon visits do, nor will they be containing harmful chemicals to be applied on your poor sensitive skin which needs all the more care and attention after having gone through the blistering rays of sun.
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