10 One-Letter Place Names – Find Out Where They Are

10 One-Letter Place Names – Find Out Where They Are

It is not hard to skip through this fact that place names, as applicable to words, also possess their own meanings, histories, and etymologies. Of a very good example is Paris. Paris was named after Parisian- one age long European tribe. In the same manner, Dublin arises from that Irish dubh linn, which literarily implies black pool. Tokyo is not left behind, it means eastern capital. For Chicago, it probably refers to something like say “the wild onions’ place,” better put “the skunk place.”

Simply due to the fact that these place names are so frequently used, they seem to simplify naturally as time pass by, therefore becoming so considerably easier, shorter and faster to pronounce when compared with their original forms. But some place names just like the ten discussed in this write-up take succinctness to the extreme.
The ten places are discussed here all beer names comprising only one letter. Check them out

1. Å in Norway:

Actually, there are quite a number of different locations called “Å” across Scandinavia, whereas “Å” (pronounced seemingly the same as double o “oo” in the word “door”) is just one in Lofoten Islands, northern Norway. They all take their names from same root source: “å” in many dialects and languages of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, means either “stream” or “creek” and is a distant cousin of aqua (Latin word for water), etymologically.

A Letter
Image Source : www.gettyimages.lu

2. D in Oregon:

The river “D” flows westwards from the Devils Lake in Lincoln County, Oregon into the Pacific Ocean- just 120ft away at high tide. The river “D” is considered by several as the shortest named in the globe (this was once contested by the Roe River in the central Montana), without a name until as late as 1940, this was when its present day name was picked as part of a local competition. The Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce then thought it wise and appropriate enough to give this shortest river throughout the globe the shortest name possible.


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Methods People Use to Cheat in Casinos- Just have knowledge

Many people know the casino as a money-spinning venture. What many people don’t know is that many players make use of illegal means to win the cash.

It has been very obvious that a lot of people various ways to cheat in the casino. It has been an enormous source of wealth for most people. In 2011, casinos gained $62.8 billion in USA.

In the midst of this good news, there is an evil plaguing the Casinos. Many people have raked in huge sums by deceiving other players. The introduction of technical devices has made this easier. Players still find means to defraud their opponents despite the sheer number of surveillance devices put up by these casinos.

There are various techniques used by people to cheat. Most of these techniques are known while others are rarely used.

Hidden Camera Scam

This scam involves the cheating player putting a secret camera in his sleeves. When the player separates the cards, the person then takes the card and pulls it across the deck, sorting out each card to some extent. The secret camera records this movement, and the information is relayed back to the gambler through his accomplice.


Top ten reasons you should NOT ever get a job

At the time when graduates complete their education, what they have in mind is that it’s time to go out and land a job.

At the time when graduates complete their education, what they have in mind is that it’s time to go out and land a job. That’s because maybe it’s a norm or people don’t know what else to do or whatever the reason but just stop for a second and think about it. Is that’s the ONLY way of finding a living? Of course not, so is it more self-fulfilling and rewarding? You bet!

Anyone with an intellect and a little experience can easily conclude that doing a job is one of the worst things one can dedicate their whole time and energies to (well, kind of). Although there may be many exceptions, but in general people don’t like what they do 8 hours a day. Most of the reasons other than their lack of interest are generic and universal in nature.

So have a look at our Top 10 reasons for trusting your good instinct and not letting yourself into the trap.

1. Job is just trading time for money


You work and get paid in return, that’s the whole ecosystem of doing a job. So what’s wrong with it? The problem is that it’s just a trade of time for money. There isn’t any real element of value in it. Don’t you think the value should have been truly the focus? Have you ever heard a company say to its employees, well folks just bring in some value in your work and don’t worry about the office timings and work hours, we just want value?
So value your time, you can do so much more with those 8 hours of time instead of just trading them for small amounts of money. It does take some time to stand on your feet so don’t feel sorry if you are still buying time. Find out what you like doing and start exploring how you can deliver value and derive money from it.

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No matter how speak to your Child about Sex

You must prepare yourself, whether you are ready to have the talk about sex or not

Although I knew having “The Talk” with my son who’s 9 years old was necessary, I must admit I wasn’t thrilled to do it. Fact is, I cannot be with him all the time even though I try to protect him from whatever content I deem inappropriate. There will be lots of exposures prompting questions – from TV commercials to kids at school talking and billboards (seems like the strip clubs have unlimited advertising funds). And when you have a very inquisitive son like mine whose mind had already started processing the information, there’s no running away. Explaining a three hour erection to a 9 year old! That’s definitely not pleasant.

Having these influences around, I couldn’t wait any more to have the sex talk with my son. The sex talk most of us received from our parents, if we ever did, wasn’t ideal. My mom only signed the permission slip for me to attend the sex education class in 5th grade. Discussing the topic wasn’t comfortable for her, being the single mother of a boy but while leaving for college, she broke down and had a ‘chat.’

It went something like this: “you are about an adult now son, make sure to have a condom on always and be responsible”

Me: “yes mom”

She: “just call your uncles if there’s any questions”

Me: “ok”…not wanting to tell her of the crazy sex advice they had already given me.

We should control and have these discussions sooner and frequently. I have had success using the following tips but I’m no expert at delivering ‘ the talk’ though. The 7 tips are:


Do you know about Cord Blood ? Read this you will be surprised

Cord Blood

At the early stage, several expectant dads and moms always consider keeping their new baby’s umbilical cord blood as it carries some stem cells which contain the ability to split/transform into several other cells living in the human body system. An ability that is very advantageous should the child ever develop some life threatening disease like the leukemia, sickle cell anemia, or lymphoma. They may however, not be capable to either protect them or address any other age-related or cancers diseases.

Cord blood is well-rich in stem cells

All About Storing Umbilical Cord Blood

Blood is being extracted from the umbilical cord at birth through a particular procedure, and afterwards stored. This extracted blood is well-rich in stem cells, hence could be used for treatment someday should the child be afflicted with diseases such as the above listed. Meanwhile, there will as well be an increased maternal DNA risk that contaminates the cord blood during labour. Stem cells as a result of its metamorphosing attributes can as well aid the repairs of blood vessel, organ, and tissues. These same cells can also be found in any of baby teeth, bone marrow, the fetal tissues, circulating blood, and so on in addition to the umbilical cords. The fact is, all the parts of the human body contain stem cells with the just clause that not all has concentrations that is rich enough for a medical harvest.

These same cells can also be found in any of baby teeth

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How to Stop Domestic Violence – Everyone should aware of this

How to Stop Domestic Violence – Everyone should aware of this

Domestic violence is one among the most embarrassing reputation that ruins crimes. It is one crime that always remain on the person who commits it, as his or her reputation will be tarnished forever. Anyone who has in a time or the other been arrested for domestic violence will agree with me that it will require only the best legal representation to save your reputation and freedom. To stop domestic violence either at home or outside the home, taking action to eliminate it (the violence) even before it begins is one among the smartest things one can do. To achieve this, below are some possible ways to stop domestic violence before it commences.

Domestic Violence

  • Have a mutual understanding about control

Several violence issues are centred on violent character resulting from control cases. The abusers in this kind of violence occurrences often feed “off” control. This character displays the act of not being matured enough, very unhealthy, hence should be avoided, prevented or stopped before it begins. It is advised that people learn how to compromise with one another and understand that one is not superior than the other in the home. Being in a position of equality with your partner is the number one best first step for avoiding violence domestically.

mutual understanding
mutual understanding

Old Age Love and Romance

Old Age Love and Romance

Love is one major among the widely used, misunderstood, and wrongly interpreted human emotions. Human beings fall in love with virtually everything that exists under this globe. Love emotionally exists between any two bodies and/or objects- between a parent and his/her child; male and female; two brothers or sisters; with nature; with animals; with profession; and so on.old-people-545232_640

Love bears different meanings to different people depending on maturity and/or age. At times it is interpreted to be any of: care, respect, admiring, understanding, faithfulness, adjusting and compromising, trust, romance, celebration, hug, kiss, sex, having kids, facing challenges, growing and living together, etc.

This write-up shall be making us to understand what old age love and romance really mean between a man and a woman emphasising more on its importance. Have a happy digest…