6 Photos that will tickle your funny bone to the max thanks to perfect timing

Since most of our articles are serious or informative in nature, We thought to lighten the mood in this new year and have brought for you, 6 well timed photos that will definitely tickle your funny bones to the max and fill you with happiness.

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8 Humorous things that you never could have noticed before

There are many people who wander around the earth with their heads in the air but on the opposite ends of this spectrum are those with a unique sense of observation under whose nose nothing goes unnoticed. Keeping in mind such a factor, here are 8 humorous things not noticed by you before.

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Weird and funny family photos even more awkward than yours

It’s the season of thanksgiving where the Turkey will be chased around till it lands on the dinner table. It’s the season to be jolly too when shopping and Santa and Christmas dinners are the highlights of every family or are they. What could be funnier than these family photographs which will make you think again if you thought your family photos are awkward? What would you call these?
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What goes around comes around. 12 Instances when karma got sweet revenge

Not everyone is a saint and though we may be human beings with umpteen faults, we do get wronged a number of times. It is such times that we wish for justice. They say Karma is a bitch. That’s true because what goes around comes around and ultimately you pay for your actions. Here are 12 instances when karma gets revenge. It caught up with smart alecks in the most comical way possible. The wronged no doubt laughed last but laughed loud.
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Epic Pinterest fails to show you why pinterest isn’t always right

Are you that kind of person dependent on social media even to the extent of accepting the multitude of hacks on sites like Pinterest as gospel truth? Well take some time out to read this article and you’ll soon know why many such tips are being debunked as a big load of BS. Unfortunately for some, they found out the hard way. Here are some epic Pinterest fails that ended up a hoax.
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8 Photos you have to look closely in the background to get what is happening

Photo bombs happen when something interesting happens in the background while you take a photo. It can be a person falling down, people making faces and whatever may happen. But sometimes things in the background are more interesting and you need to look closely in the background, like in these 8 pics.
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A Brilliant lesson taught by the speaker using balloons

One can get a lesson from anything existing on Earth – from a small ant, seed, or mountain to even a balloon; you can get a lesson from anything if you want to learn. A seminar is also a great option to gain knowledge and guidance from an expert and experienced person. Recently, a seminar was attended by a group of 50 people. After giving a lecture about feeling good and how to manage finances in a better way, the speaker suddenly stopped and decided to do a group activity in which nobody expected to learn such an invaluable lesson.

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4 Most Funny Lesson For Your Life

Read the funniest life lesson. However, these lessons are written in a funny tone, but they have a depth inside.

Until now, these are the funniest lesson of life. Read them and enjoy.

Lesson 1:

A manager, sales rep and a clerk were out for lunch. While they were on their path to the restaurant, they found ad lamp. They rub it and a genie came out. That genie said, “Do you have a wish? I will fulfil it.” Sales rep instantaneously said, “May I have the first turn?” “I want to visit Bahamas for driving a speedboat without worrying about anything”. Puff!! And he was gone. “I am on the next turn”, said the clerk. “ I want to go to Hawaii for relaxing on a beach. I necessitate my peculiar masseuse there along with an endless supply of Pina Coladas. Puff!! He was gone to Hawaii. Genie said to the manager, “Now it is your turn”. Manager said, I want clerk and sales rep back in office after lunch hour.

Moral: Let the Boss have first turn.


[button link=”” size=”default” icon=”fa-heart” side=”left” target=”” color=”b70900″ textcolor=”ffffff”]A warm smile is the universal language of kindness[/button]

Lesson 2:

Once a crow was sitting idle on a tree and it spent his whole day doing nothing. A rabbit came and asked that crow either it can also sit like that crow. Crow said, “Sure, you can also sit there idle?” Rabbit sat there doing nothing at all. After a little time, a fox came and ate that rabbit immediately.

Moral: For sitting idle, you should be sitting very high.


[button link=”” size=”default” icon=”fa-heart” side=”left” target=”” color=”b70900″ textcolor=”ffffff”]No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky[/button]

Lesson 3:

A small bird flying towards south for the winter season. The little bird got frozen because of the cold and fell into a large field. While he was lying on the field, a cow came from somewhere and did shit on him. Due of the cow’s dung, the frozen bird felt warmth. That dung gave some cozy feeling to that bird and in joy, the bird started singing. A cat heard him while singing and came near to the dung to investigate. Soon she found a bird under cow’s shit. She jumped over and ate him.


Not everyone is your friend even if he loves to gets you out of trouble. Some shits are a true blessing in disguise. While, sometimes, it is good to keep your mouth shut if you are in shit.


[button link=”” size=”default” icon=”fa-heart” side=”left” target=”” color=”b70900″ textcolor=”ffffff”]I can find God in nature, in animals, in birds and the environment[/button]

Lesson 4:

A turkey was telling a bull, “I would like to get to the top of that tree, but my arms and legs are not supporting enough. They are weak and I feel less energy to be on top of that tree.” Bull offered him to speck on his falling so that he could get enough strength to climb up the tree. First day, the turkey ate some of the dung and reached the first branch of the tree. Second day he elevated himself to the second branch and the third day, after eating a big lump of that nutrient dung, he was on the top of the tree. While he was sitting on the top of the tree, a farmer spotted him out and shot him with a gun.

Moral: You may get sufficient energy from bullshit, but it cannot minimize your enemies.


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I fell Love with these 3 videos You will laugh until your stomach hurts

A man walks into a barbershop and asks, “How much for a haircut?”

“Twelve dollars,” says the barber.

“And for a shave?”

“Ten dollars.”

“All right,” says the man, settling into the barber chair. “Shave my head.”

—Helen Russ, Medford, Oregon


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Wife: “How would you describe me?”
Wife: “What does that mean?”
Husband: “Adorable, beautiful, cute, delightful, elegant, fashionable, gorgeous, and hot.”
Wife: “Aw, thank you, but what about IJK?”
Husband: “I’m just kidding!”


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A man asks his wife, “What would you do if I won the lottery?” His wife says, “Take half and leave your a..!” The man replies, “Great! I won 12 bucks, here is six, now get out!”A man approached a very beautiful woman in a large supermarket and said, “I’ve lost my wife here in the supermarket. Can you talk to me for a couple of minutes?” “Why do you want to talk to me?” she asked puzzled. “Because every time I talk to a beautiful woman, my wife appears out of nowhere.”


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