Mysterious Sinkholes just getting Bigger in Russian City

In Crater Plagued City recently the size of sinkholes increased four times, and there are now five holes throughout the city with fears that they’ll keep growing. Nearby residents have been moved to safer locations, but the threat still lingers.

According to local officials, over a period of just three months, the size of the most recent sinkhole found in Urals city is four times the size of first found in 17th February. The first sinkhole was discovered during a routine patrol near Berezniki (hit by crater) in Perm Krai with a diameter of around 5 meters. According to Uralkaliy’s Head of Monitoring and Geo Exploration Andrey Rodionov, the fifth one initially measured 7.5 meters but now it stands at a whopping 22 meters. He also told that although it extended because of its sliding walls but this cannot contribute to its depth that still stands at 9 meters deep.

There are now five holes around the city, with fears this will only grow. Residents living close to the craters have been moved away from the danger zone, but the threat remains.
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What Does Authorities say?

Uralkali’s CEO Dmitry Osipov told, “The Company continues to work closely with the relevant state authorities and scientific experts.”
He also added “The accident is not catastrophic to the company’s operations or people living in the area. The impact is being localized, and we have a clear plan to tackle the situation promptly. We will take all necessary measures to minimize the impact of the incident on the company, our investors, partners and the inhabitants of Solikamsk and the surrounding area.”

It’s also worth mentioning that the town of Solikamsk is almost entirely above the Solikamsk 1 mine and the local media reported is the mines were to flood, whole of the town would have to e evacuated.

Populating around 155,000 citizens, Berezniki is Perm Region’s second largest city and is home to some Magnesium, Potassium and Potash mines. It’s also the ex-Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s former home. In 1980s, water from Kama River leaked into the mines.

The latest mysterious sinkhole that has appeared in Berezniki


How These sinkholes appeared

The first sinkhole appeared in 2006 near Berezniki station’s rail tracks after an incident in the Mine No 1. Initially, the Management tried to stop the leakage of water by building a dam but it didn’t really work, and they had to abandon the mine after flooding it. Still that wasn’t enough for the sinkholes to stop appearing, and another appeared in 2010 also near the railway station.
Just a year after, another huge crater formed nearby Mine Construction Management’s building. In 2012, workers attempted to fill the hole with soil but unfortunately soil collapsed taking in two bulldozers as well as a truck whose driver got killed. The city is now home to 5 holes scattered around it with people fearing they’ll continue to grow with the passage of time.

According to Alexander Baryakh, the Urals Branch’s General Director of Russian Academy of Science the two accidents are interrelated and told “The site where the inflow of brine has been detected completely overlaps with the site of the incident that happened at Silvinit Solikamsk-2 on 5 January 1995. This enables us to conclude that the 1995 accident and its consequences are directly linked to the accident which took place on 18 November 2014,” he announced via a statement on the Uralkali website.

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You won’t believe the size

Initially 80 meters long and 40 meters wide, the original sinkhole is also known locally as The Grandfather and has swelled to a much bigger size over the time. The school building near the fifth hole has been abandoned, and the school was moved to another location for everybody’s safety. According to the officials, although the sinkhole didn’t pose any serious threat, they are continuously monitoring the situation.

And the sinkholes are increasing…

In November, there was an accident at a mine near Solikamsk city (about 30KM from Berezniki) that is believed to have caused another sinkhole. Fortunately enough this time the sinkhole appeared in the suburbs where the general population was not affected, and only a few dachas made their way into the water.

Previous month The Siberian Times also reported the appearance of similar kind of holes at Novokuznetsk located in the Kemerovo Region. The diameter of the latest one measured around 20-meters.

Although the exact cause of these sinkholes is not yet established, initial theories suggest mining subsidence causes the phenomenon. Some scientists and researchers fear that there may be many more of these craters spread all over the frozen Siberia that may be because of the temperature rise.



The Modern Scam: 100 Years Advanced Check Given by Car Buyer

A Gulf national intended to sell his car gets caught in a massive scam. The car buyer gave him a check that can be cashed only after a 100 years…

Car buyer gives 100 years advanced check and taunts the seller or else get prosecuted.

A Gulf national intended to sell his car gets caught in a massive scam. The car buyer gave him a check that can be cashed only after a 100 years, according to the Local newspaper report.

He placed an ad on the website “Vehicle for Sale” so he could raise money for his wedding.


Within a couple of hours a man contacted who was willing to buy the car as early as possible. He further elaborated that he worked in a showroom and wanted to examine the vehicle early. He also added that this model is quite popular among consumers.

“After two days, the buyer called again for the completion of the transaction and the whole buying process as well decided to meet at a registration center for vehicles in a City,” said the victim.

I reached the place where I was supposed to meet the buyer. After examining the vehicle, he agreed on purchasing the car. He gave me a cheque with the decided amount written on it and I signed all the documents to transfer the ownership,” he described further said.

A week passed after the deal when the seller went to cash the cheque. The bank employee told him that his cheque was dated in 2115 which is about 100 years later.


Thinking that this could be a minor mistake, the seller called the buyer to check the date again and correct it.

But still the buyer told him that he had mentioned the correct date on the cheque. Taunting him and mocking him the buyer told the seller to wait for 100 years or be prosecuted.

As soon as the seller told the buyer that he will contact the police for his act, the buyer recapped that he had signed all the documents. The buyer also proclaimed that he had written the correct date with the decided amount on the cheque and clarified his legal position.

The person who wanted to sell his car revealed that the buyer of his car had sold the car to some car showroom and had been responsible for doing such kinds of acts. The police station also has a record of his scams.


Must Check

Be aware this could happen to you as well. Do not be like this guy. Check your Cheque thoroughly on the spot. Check not only the name and amount, but also the date and year. Because, people are now smart enough and have discovered new ideas to ditch others. So be on safe side and check everything on the cheque to avoid frauds.


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You won’t Believe, These celebrities relations with their partners

You won’t Believe, These celebrities relations with their partners

Most of the people believe that man is the creature who cheat on their partner. It is assumed that man usually do the dirty stuff and women are the innocent and victim. But, for your information, it is not true. Research says that 73% of the women cheat on their partners and still seems innocent. Hollywood is the place where you can find most of the relevant examples. There are many females celebrities who were not loyal to their husbands.

Here is a small list of those female celebrities who are not faithful.

Heidi Klum

After seven years of marriage, the divorce of Klum and her husband Seal was an absolute shock for everyone. They have four kids. Sources tell that the reason behind this divorce was a love affair of Klum with her bodyguard.

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Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie were enjoying their married life when Madonna started liking a baseball player Alex Rodriguez. Alex was also married at that moment, but their love saw no boundaries and they got freedom from their partners and became each other’s.

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Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi always admit on-air or off-air that she has cheated on her husband many times.

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LeAnne Rimes

LeAnne Rimes and Dean Sheremet have spent 6 years of married life with each other. After six years, Leanne found Eddie Cibrian on the shooting of their film and they started loving each other. Leanne divorced her husband and got married to Eddie. They are spending a happy life together.

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Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan cheated on her husband Dennis Quaid with Russell Crowe. After Ryan divorce, they got married to each other but unfortunately they chose their own ways and their marriage was ended soon.

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Paris Hilton

She cheated her boyfriend Nick Carter for Chad Michael Murray. Nick has revealed some dirty secrets of Hilton, but she is continuously denying these claims.

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Kristen Stewart

With questionable acting skills, Kristen has got a name. She is a famous Twilight series star. She has cheated her longtime boyfriend. Her boyfriend Robert Pattinson got furious and kicked her off from his life when he got to know that she cheated on him and had an affair with director Rupert Sanders.

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Jennifer Lopez

When Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck met with each other on the set of Gigli Lopes, it was love at first sight. Lopez gave divorce to his husband and when she get to Ben, she was shocked because Ben had moved on to Jennifer Garner.

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Britney Spears

For Britney Spears fans, it would be a news that she cheated on her husband Justin Timberlake. Wade Robson claimed that Spears cheated her husband for him. Though Spears deny this reality but the truth is that many of her ex-boyfriends have claimed the same.

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Princess Diana

Princess Diana and James  affair was not in the dark. Princess Diana cheated on Prince Charles with her boyfriend. After Diana’s death, many men came into the light and claimed that Princes unfair with her husband with them too.

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