31 Lessons we must teach our Children

We need to teach our children good moral values from the very beginning so they can have a strong character when they are grown

Childhood is precious, save your kid’s childhood

Having a baby is one of the most important events in someone’s life and there are a lot of questions in their mind about how to raise children well. As time passes by and parents have more children, their list of things to teach to their kids also evolves and grow longer.

We shall be briefly discussing many of those lessons and while many of these are applicable for children at an early age, many are meant for a little grown up children. Raising children is not just about providing financial resources, but also involves time, discipline and relationship building. If we see raising children from a religious point of view, every religion teaches to build faith in them so they can have good moral values and character when they grow up.

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Methods People Use to Cheat in Casinos- Just have knowledge

Many people know the casino as a money-spinning venture. What many people don’t know is that many players make use of illegal means to win the cash.

It has been very obvious that a lot of people various ways to cheat in the casino. It has been an enormous source of wealth for most people. In 2011, casinos gained $62.8 billion in USA.

In the midst of this good news, there is an evil plaguing the Casinos. Many people have raked in huge sums by deceiving other players. The introduction of technical devices has made this easier. Players still find means to defraud their opponents despite the sheer number of surveillance devices put up by these casinos.

There are various techniques used by people to cheat. Most of these techniques are known while others are rarely used.

Hidden Camera Scam

This scam involves the cheating player putting a secret camera in his sleeves. When the player separates the cards, the person then takes the card and pulls it across the deck, sorting out each card to some extent. The secret camera records this movement, and the information is relayed back to the gambler through his accomplice.


How can this Iron Fish make you stronger than before

Is it possible that an iron fish that is made of recycled car parts and cooked in a pot could solve the iron deficiency issue?

6 years ago, when a Canadian science graduate visited Cambodia. His name was Christopher Charles. He discovered that the worst problem of Cambodian people was anaemia.

In a village of Kandal province, children were weak and having slow mental progress. Dr Charles found that there was something wrong with those children.

Not only children, women were also having extra tiredness and migraines. Those women were unable to complete their regular tasks. Moreover, pregnant women were facing lots of complications. Before and after childbirth, these women were facing haemorrhaging.

The main reason behind this was iron deficiency. Anaemia is a very common issue that affect millions of pregnant women, teenagers and even adults. In different developing countries of the world, like Cambodia, this problem is spreading with a high rate. More than 50% of the children and women are the victim of iron deficiency.

Iron Fish
Image Source

In general, if someone is anaemic, he should take iron pills or supplements. But, in Cambodian society, this solution is not working at all. There were three reasons behind this.

1- Pills or supplements is not affordable

2- Pills or supplements are not easily available

3- Side effects of the pill and supplements

There was a need to do something unusual. Dr Charles gave a great idea. He was familiar that when we cook in cast iron pots, the iron gets increased in the food. So he decided to put a huge part of iron in cooking pans that were made of melted metal.


You never knew this About Australia- No. 5 is shocking

Why Australia is the Craziest place on Earth? Find it NOW

To many the title isn’t much of a surprise who know Australia is a country founded by prisoners and a whole continent that remained isolated from the rest of the world for more than forty million years. There are many things to prove Australia is the craziest place on earth, but we shall cover some of them which should be enough to prove the point.

1. You might have come across the headline that shows a man attached by a crocodile and escaped by wrestling and poking the crocodile in his eyes. Afterwards, he drank beer as the available first aid. Now Australian crocodiles are not the average ones you see in pictures. They are huge and known to attack people. They become more problematic when they leave their natural habitat and clash with humans. When they do so they usually get killed as their presence becomes a real threat to humans.

AU 1
OMG (Image Source)

2. With an average wing span of more than three feet, Australia is also home to another creepy animal known as flying fox. Technically it’s a MegaBat but its huge size has earned him the title of a fox. Someone from outside Australia might get frightened after seeing this creature at first. What makes them crazier is the fact that they are not limited to wildernesses instead they roam freely in skies of modern cities like Sydney.

AU 2
Image Source

Old Age Love and Romance

Old Age Love and Romance

Love is one major among the widely used, misunderstood, and wrongly interpreted human emotions. Human beings fall in love with virtually everything that exists under this globe. Love emotionally exists between any two bodies and/or objects- between a parent and his/her child; male and female; two brothers or sisters; with nature; with animals; with profession; and so on.old-people-545232_640

Love bears different meanings to different people depending on maturity and/or age. At times it is interpreted to be any of: care, respect, admiring, understanding, faithfulness, adjusting and compromising, trust, romance, celebration, hug, kiss, sex, having kids, facing challenges, growing and living together, etc.

This write-up shall be making us to understand what old age love and romance really mean between a man and a woman emphasising more on its importance. Have a happy digest…


Are you Looking for the Best Tech Schools around the World

The best tech schools around the world have long been producing students to put their potential in the most advanced technologies companies around the world…

Best Tech Schools around the world

The best tech schools around the world have long been producing students to put their potential in the most advanced technologies companies around the world. We get many renowned and successful CEOs from these schools. There are exceptions in the scenario here, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. They were never graduated yet they have leaded the world of technology.

We are here to give you a short yet descriptive guideline about the best technology schools around the world. As we were summing up the results, we found some characteristics common in all such schools. These schools were rich in high-quality academics, talented professors, industry exposure to students and great libraries and laboratories. There are world class institutions around the globe focusing highly on their core values of research, education and transfer of knowledge.

Let’s start discovering the list of the best tech schools around the world. We have sorted out our lists from ranking of http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/world-university-rankings/2014-15/world-ranking. The list was created by considering several factors. Naming the few is:

  1. Teaching
  2. International outlook
  3. Industry income
  4. Research and citations

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT has a long and recognized history of over 150 years in North America.MIT is on the top of the list with an overall ranking of 93.6. The institute is able to produce 70 Nobel laureates till now. The CEO Eugene Hall at Gartner, Michael Saylor at MicroStrategy, and Vivek Ranadive at Tibco Software were all graduated from MIT. It’s quite impressive indeed.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Sell Your skill, start making Online Money

Making money online has become the trend of professionals today. More and more people are improving their financial status through it.

Sell Your skill, start making Online Money

Making money online has become the trend of professionals today. More and more people are improving their financial status through it. It is a subject of great and ever-increasing opportunities. You need to have some skill and horizon is clear for your flight.

You might have heard of many opportunities like building a website, data entry, writing blogs and articles, academic writings, making apps, internet marketing. In short any of your possessed skill can be your luck skill for a freelancing job. It’s beyond borders and races. Each of the participants has equal opportunities without discrimination of gender and races.


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Each of us has a nature gifted supreme brain. We can think and we can share our thoughts. You can use your opinion to make money online. The turning point is to never underestimate your precious opinion. For someone, it has value and he might love to pay to you too. It is perhaps the easiest way to earn online.

Paid Surveys
Paid Surveys

Sell Creative Skills

Designing and writing something really cool can help to raise your money. In fact as a simple rule, anything that can be easily created and delivered via the internet can be sold as well. Sites like elance can help you to bid against your interested projects and then earn money thereafter. In the same way, if you have love for photography, you can use your skill to create digital illustrations and send them to clients for earning money through the hobby. Even online lessons are getting highly paid stuff. You can share your skills to others around the globe and you will be able to get something beneficial in return.

Sell Creative Skills

Your Charity is really good Deed, Read this before you Donate


Charity is the act of giving help be it in monetary or any other form voluntarily to the less-privileged. A charity could be in the form of a person, an organization, institution, or group of people. Charity is an act of benevolence as well as kindness. Organizations or institutions that does charity work are generally non-profit ones. Charity organisations or institutions request and accept gifts and donations from both individual and corporate donors. A registered charity is one approved by either the state or federal government to do charity work.

So long as people live on the globe, there will definitely be people helping to supply needs to the less-privileged. There always exists a set of people (the privileged) having more than the other set (the less-privileged), and in most cases the less-privileged are in such a condition by no fault of theirs. Luck may run against them or disaster may strike. In such condition, their livelihood will depend on the charity and generosity of the privileged.

their livelihood will depend on the charity and generosity of the privileged