These dip dye wedding dresses are your #weddingoals2016

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3 The process of dip dyeing the dress or any cloth

Before starting, just keep in mind that you may or may not get the outcome you had thought on the first try, but keep trying and experimenting to become perfect in the practice. Follow the steps as much as you can.

First of all comes safety, so put on the rubber gloves and fill the bucket with warm water till its half full.

Now read the instructions on the dye packet properly and follow them to mix the dye in the water along with the dyeing salt if required in the warm water in the bucket and mix it nicely.

Now take the cloth or fabric and dip the bottom 1/3 part of it in the dye and rest of the fabric should be draped around the bucket. Leave the fabric in the dye for about 30-45 minutes untouched, but keep an eye on the color of the fabric.

diy dye wedding dresses
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Now once the depth of color is achieved as required, lower the further 1/3 of the fabric in the color and leave it for half amount of time than the last time. Repeat the process reducing the time by half every time. Leave the top 1/6 of the fabric in the original color.

Now be careful in removing the dress from the dye and let it drip the dye for few seconds. Follow the instructions on the dye packet on rinsing the fabric. Complete the rinsing part and dry the fabric and you will have a beautifully colored dress.

process of dip dyeing the dress or any cloth
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