6 Easy binder clip hacks to get your home organized

6 Easy binder clip hacks to get your home organized


As house hacks go, there are many amazing ways you can use the several items lying around your office and home. Nondescript stationery items can come in handy in more than one unique ways that will save you quite a number of problems at home.

Consider the humble paper clip. While some people use these as clothes pegs when running out of pegs, there are others who have created unbelievable ways to make this item useful. Here are some clever binder clip hacks that you can use in your kitchen and various places at home.

1 A unique way to keep your dishwashing sponge clean and dry

The messiest part of your kitchen sink is the place where you keep your dishwashing sponge. Because of its constant use, even if you keep it in a soap dish it is always wet and dirty. Well hers a neat way to keep it dry. Just clip it with a binder clip and let it stand on the clip ends. Won’t that make a big difference?

dishwashing sponge

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2 Use your toothpaste to the last drop

Don’t you find it exasperating that your toothpaste seems to have entered all over the tube despite of being used? Despite of being a minor task, the effort of trying to squeeze your toothpaste tube right form the end can be annoying especially when you’re sleepy. Whats the best thing you can do.


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Clip it the ends of course

Clipping it will ensure the least amount of squeezing effort and save you money by using your toothpaste till the last drop. That’s one of the best ways to use binder clip hacks.

Clip it the ends of course

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3 Organize your packaged items your freezer

Packages and cartons n your fridge can clutter up space and make your freezer look messy. Instead of letting them stay open and leak just follow this cool way of stacking your items in the freezer with these clip binders. It’s a fantastic way of organizing your fridge. Clip the binders 1 inch apart through the freezer shelf.

Organize your packaged items your freezer

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4 Organize wires

This is another cool way to use clip binders. Instead of allowing your wires to remain strewn on the floor next to your workstation, use the clip on your table to make a neat cable holder and headphone holder.

Organize wires in clips

Image Source: www.buzzfeed.com

5 Knitting yarn bowl holder

Knitting with a ball of yarn kept lose can be cumbersome. This is a neat and convenient way of getting that ball of yarn to behave and remain in one place while the strand is released through a single aperture.

Knitting yarn bowl holder

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6 Chain link for photos

Here’s a nice way to keep a train of photographs on your wall. Just chain link each of them with clips. It would be advisable to stick the photos to a cardboard background to prevent curling. A nice way to use binder clip hacks for a bit of wall design.

Chain link for photos

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