10 Of the most innovative kitchen devices that make housework Fun

10 Of the most innovative kitchen devices that make housework Fun


There are several gadgets and devices available to make your work at home easier. Some of these are so ingenious that you’ll be surprised how such simple yet useful products can be conceived. Obviously it takes a clever mind to understand the problems faced at home and in the kitchen and what’s would be the best way to solve them. Here are ten amazing kitchen gadgets to make life easier.

1 Copco bag caps

How often do you kids leave a bag of chips unfinished? Why waste them because an unfinished bag several times a month can lead to quite an amount. Simply apply a copco cap and keep them fresh for the nest time they’re want a bag of chips.

Copco bag caps

Image Source: www.onemoregadget.com

2 Ice Chilled Food Bowl

This is one fantastic way of preserving or even serving cold salads and vegetables. Cut your veggies and store them this way too. You can even use this as a party bowl.

Ice Chilled Food Bowl

Image Source: www.mixstuff.ru

3 Can Strainer

Finding it difficult to remove those button mushrooms and pineapple slices because of the amount of syrup in the cans. Simply attach this can strainer and you’re set.

Can Strainer

Image Source: www.rnrassociates.com

4 Steel Design Graters

Grating is much more fun when using these graters that can produce different shapes and shavings. Make crunch wafer thin fries and what not.

Steel Design Graters

Image Source: www.architectureadmirers.com

5 Vertical Biscuit Containers

Now this is great because almost every mom finds it difficult to store biscuits in fat containers which crumble the cookies and biscuits. These are perfect for cookie and biscuit storage.

Vertical Biscuit Containers

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

6 Vegetable Core Remover

This is an excellent and amazing kitchen gadget to remove cores of vegetables such as capsicum seeds

Vegetable Core Remover

Image Source: www.banggood.com

7 Clip on Spout

When you don’t have vessels with inbuilt spouts then pouring water or liquids becomes a bit difficult. Simply attach this clip on spout and your good for pouring.

Clip on Spout

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

8 Sink Grill

This is one remarkable gadget that can be attached on your sink to wash vegetables or place wet dishes too.

Sink Grill

Image Source: www.domidej.si

9 Oil Mister Spray

An oil mister is the perfect vessel for preparing different flavoured oils by infusing herbs and spices. Use them for cooking, browning meat or flavouring food. You can also use them for making pancakes.

Oil Mister Spray

Image Source: www.domidej.si

10 Marshmallows Toaster

Wouldn’t this amazing kitchen gadget make a great birthday present. In fact gift it to yourself because this is perfect for your kids to enjoy a toasted marshmallow biscuit sandwich.

Image Source: www.popsugar-assets.com

Image Source: www.popsugar-assets.com

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