7 Must know life-altering bra hacks and tips

7 Must know life-altering bra hacks and tips


Bras are something that every girl wears after hitting puberty and when the breasts start to develop. It is believed that bras help in the positive development of breasts and so majority of women use them.

But along with wearing the bra, comes the big responsibility of carrying it all day, feeling that the breasts have been caged. There cannot be a better feeling for a woman to remove the bra at the end of the day, and wishing that there should be a bra that does not give you straps marks, fits better and looks sexy at the same time.

Though such thing doesn’t even exist even in mythical world, we do have some bra hacks for you that might make your relationship with your bra less hectic and more comfy.

1 Innovate for racer back bras

Racer back bras are bras which have bra straps that angle inwards towards the centre of the back and leave the shoulder blade area bare. These keep away the unwanted display of bra straps while wearing something like tank tops and cross over shirts, etc. These bras are specialty made and you might not have one on you in emergencies.

So you can just use a little thing known as a bra clip to hold your straps together and this makes the normal bra like a racer back bra. You can also use a simple paperclip to hold the straps together, for the time being.

Innovate for racer back bras

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2 Take care while washing them

Your bras are your support system, at least of some very vital organs and, as the size of the organs increase and so do the size of the bras and exponentially the prices of the bras. And again as many different kinds of bras you have, the prices will be different and so does the method of taking care of them.

You cannot just throw your expensive bras in the washer along with normal clothes and wash them. Neither can you hand wash them, old timey style. Since you need the bra cups to keep their form while you wash your bra, you need a bra ball. All you need to do is place your expensive bra in the ball, so that the cups keep their shape and drop it in the washer. No damage done and your bra will be as good as new.

Take care while washing them

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3 Stop the straps from digging in your shoulder

One more thing that happens if you wear a bra that is too tight is that the straps start digging in your shoulders and try to burrow their way into your body. The thinness of the straps of the bra is directly proportional to the pain in your shoulder. Now you can use some silicone filled pads under the straps, so that they don’t dig in your shoulder and give you pain or leave behind marks.

Stop the straps from digging in your shoulder

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4 The correct way to dry them

Like most of the clothes and garments, the way women wash and dry the bras is by leaving them hanging on a rack or on a clothing line and securing it with a strap. But that is the most wrong way to dry your precious bra in any case. You need to dry you bra by letting it lie flatly on ground on washboard to dry in shade.

The correct way to dry them

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5 Neat way to make a strapless bra

The strapless bra is something that can give you the freedom to wear off-shoulder dresses. But since strapless bras are expensive and not to say very hard to find according to specific sizes, here’s how you can convert a normal bra into a strapless one.

Take a regular bra strap and then hook it to the back of your bra on one side. Now bring it around your back and again hook it onto the back of your bra, this time on the other side. Voila! You have a strapless bra in no time and this one will stay on.

Neat way to make a strapless bra

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6 Proper storing procedure

Never ever store you bras by keeping one cup into another. This damages the fibers in the molding of the bra cups and will cause bumps in the cups. This will also shorten the life of your bra. Instead store them in their natural position to extend their life and with minimal damage.

Proper storing procedure

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7 Underwire padding

If you have a bra with underwire in it, you will feel the wire trying to get in your skin and poking you constantly. To get rid of the poking and uncomfortable wire, use some moleskin padding self adhesive strips and stick them along the area where the wires run. This will provide you with padding and no more underwire poking you.

Underwire padding

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