Challenge yourself with these 10 riddles to confuse your brains

Challenge yourself with these 10 riddles to confuse your brains


Once in a while it’s good to exercise your brain with a few riddles that challenge your own intelligence. It isn’t only good as a past time but contributes to improving and increasing your brain power too. Dabbling in riddles to confuse your brain is good for cognitive health in case you didn’t know it.

Here are ten fun riddles that are bound to confuse your brain and make you wonder.

1 Think Carefully When Attempting This One

This is a real trickster but it’s actually very simple. Take a second to think got it?

running a race

Answer: second place!!

2 This One Takes A Bit of Math

And it’s more than one answer.

father son age

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Answer: 50 and 15, 24 and 42 and 80 and 06. Never expected that did you?

3 Time for Abit of Being Sherlocked in This One

Play detective and you’ll get the answer

Play detective

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Answer: Think of the names of each month corresponding to the numerical equivalents of the displayed numbers. Now simply take each letter of the month. The answer is J-A-S-O-N (June, April, September, October, November) understood?

4 Here’s An Amazing Riddle Sprawled on the Wall

Amazing Riddle Sprawled on the Wall

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Answer: A sponge, it holds water doesn’t it?

5 Now This Will Really Crack Your Brains

Think carefully and ponder over the riddle to confuse your brains. It isn’t always what it seems. It’s meant to fool you into thinking over what you’re not supposed to.

Crack Your Brains

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Answer: No one has lied. The words speak the truth. The riddle has mentioned that the doctors were men, so they could be women and thus the statements are correct on both sides. They were his sisters

6 Another One to Get You

Here’s another riddle me ricket, think!!!

playing with each other

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Answer: They weren’t playing with each other; always look at the broader picture.

7 And another One to Test Your Brains

Remember these aren’t puzzles to solve; they are riddles to test how you think

Test Your Brains

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All are left. How can they leave a fish tank?

8 So How Good Are You at Math While Thinking

Answer: Add carefully, there’s a catch to get you thinking as it’s a great riddle to confuse your brains.

Math While Thinking

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The answer isn’t 5000!! It’s 4100

9 This Will Surely Rock You

Look carefully this is exactly like dumb charades.

This Will Surely Rock You

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Answer: Rock and Roll

M +ewe + sick = Music answer? Rock and Roll Music!!

10 Understand the Term Perspective

Take your time. Many get this wrong.

Understand the Term Perspective

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Answer: C, were you told if Sarah is married, she may or she maybe not.

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