7 Make-up looks that will make you gorgeous this holiday season


Every girl wants to look gorgeous each moment, and that want somewhat turns into a need during the holiday season. With girls not wanting to repeat their looks which they had donned last year, finding newer and better make-up ideas is the motto for them.

Though not every girl likes to apply make-up for each holiday this season, they do need backups and ideas if the occasion comes and they need to look gorgeous. The best way to do that is to scour the internet for ideas, but with most results showing 50 best looks and 25 most beautiful make-up tips, you are bound to get confused in what to choose from.

Don’t worry, we have chosen 7 best makeup looks for you to have this holiday season.

1 Work Party look

Everyone wants to look good amongst their peers at work. When someone has to attend a work party, you need to look your best and in doing so, you can show some of your wild side. To do so, start with some face primer, since you need to make sure the makeup lasts all evening.

Then add some eye shadow that will make you stand out from the rest of the people. To give that killer look a grand finale, wear something that you normally don’t wear to work, say a red lipstick.

Work Party look

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2 The holiday shopping look

Holidays mean that you need to shop for your mother, father, brother, sister, nieces, nephews and even your pets. This means spending a whole day making sure you get just the perfect thing for them and you need the following look for that day.

To take advantage of those rosy cheeks thanks to the cold winter, you need to apply some liquid blush, so that you don’t lose that look inside the mall. Now some bronze toned eye shadow will keep the look simple, but elegant. To finish it off, put on some dark pink lipstick.

The holiday shopping look

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3 Light it up

Holidays also mean that you get to visit your relatives and family who stay away from you. That means you need to look simple, yet beautiful when you visit, say to your in-laws to wish them on the holidays.

To do this, first you have to take care of the dry skin problem to counter the frighteningly cold climate outside. So use some hydrating primer to counter the dry skin. To match the snowy background outside, apply some icy-white eye shadow and to finish it off, apply some reusable eyelash extensions. Also get ready to have people staring at you and receiving compliments for your looks.

Light it up

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4 The dinner look

Holidays are known for having some great food as well. If you prepare a special dinner for your family at home or even if you go out with the family to celebrate the holidays, you need to look the best out there.

Use a shimmering grey eye shadow for the smoky look. Now apply some black gel eyeliner to make your eyes stand out from everyone else. To finish off the whole look, use some soft pink lip gloss to make sure the lips are not taking the focus from your eyes.

The dinner look

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A tip: smudge the corners of the eyes to give the completion to your smoky look.

5 The gifted look

Holiday season means there will be gifts around you, whether you give them or receive them. But remember that everyone will be taking pictures to capture the moment and your reaction to the gift if you are the lucky one who is to open some presents early in the morning.

So use some face primer to smooth out your face and add some pink blush in order to get the morning glow look. Add some peace toned eye shadow before applying some mascara. Don’t forget to brush your teeth and get ready to smile for your camera.

The gifted look

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6 Dinner look

Holiday season also means great dinner parties. It is imperative for you, as the host to look stunning and here is how you can do it.

Use some dark pink liquid blush to the cheeks to give them the snowy themed look. Add some eyelash extensions to give you the bold eyes. Those simple eyes will complement the bright red color of your lipstick that you need to put on to wow everyone.

Dinner look

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7 The new year look

It’s the time to party, since Christmas is over and New Year is knocking on the door. You need to wear something that will scream NEW YEAR, instead of the greens, reds and golden of the Christmas theme.

Use some tinted moisturizer to get the color back on those cheeks. Outline the eyes with some black eye shadow to make them the focus of the evening. Now finish the whole look with some dark purple lipstick to welcome the New Year with the perfect purple pout.

The new year look

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This holiday season, show your best self to the world with these make-up looks, which can make you look elegant at some occasions and smoking hot at others.

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