7 Reasons freckles are more awesome than any other body feature

4 Freckles make you unique

Freckles give your face a unique look. Though most of people associate the freckles with people who have very light colored skin, but the truth is that freckles also occur on people with dark colored skin as well. Actually freckles can occur on any skin tone and even on people with very dark skin tones. It’s the pattern that makes you unique.

Freckles make you unique
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5 Freckles make selfies more awesome

People have still thought of freckles as something that shouldn’t be there in their pictures and have refused to put their selfies on social media for the fear that people are join to play join the dots on them. But with social media celebs like Kylie Jenner embracing their freckles and putting up no makeup selfies on Instagram might provide the encouragement for other ladies to do the same.

Freckles make selfies awesome
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