This Grandma takes the power of makeup to another level!

3 The unique transformation of grandma into a glam-ma!

32-year-old Tea Flego works as makeup artist for models and actors and recently she gave her grandmother a total makeover. She started with smoothing her grandma’s skin and then applied the eyebrows and fake eyelashes, finishing up with drawing eyebrows.

transformation of grandma
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The transformation was shared with the 48,000 plus followers on Instagram and has got rave reviews when it comes to the results seen on the glam-ma. Flego says that her grandma has five children, 12 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren, and they’re all “so proud of her for having the courage of putting makeup with pride and taking immense pleasure and fun in it. She said that her grandmother loves painting her lips and loves the camera and getting her pictures taken.

Flego with her grandma
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