Anatomical Jewelry makes a Earring look like human ears. Take a look and believe yourself

You may be obsessed over ear rings and different types of jewelry and trinkets but how about wearing something bizarre. In what appears to be a truly weird and freakish trend, a German artist Nadja Buttendorf has created some of the most wacky earring designs resembling body limbs like fingers and toes. You can wear a earring looking like ears.

What seems almost creepy like a live finger or second ear dangling from your ears, Nadja’s creations are made from silicon and can be worn on different parts of the body so you can wear one on your hand as if you have six fingers. Check out her lifelike limb trinkets.

1 Does this creep you out?

Or would you really enjoy wearing such jewelry which is the latest trend of anatomical earrings. It looks bizarre alright but you’ll be surprised at the growing popularity of the trend.

anatomical earrings
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2 How you wear them

These anatomical earrings like this earring that looks like ears are funny cool and bizarre all in one. It is usually fixed on in the same manner as a earring making it look as if you have two ears.

earrings that looks like ears
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3 A huge variety to choose from

Najda’s anatomical designs come in a variety of skin complexion from dark and tan to fair. There is a choice for everyone.

A huge variety to choose from
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4 An accessory ring for fingers too

Imagine wearing this to a party or date, you are sure to creep people out. This looks crazy and scary.

An accessory ring for fingers too
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5 This is how the extra finger can be worn

It fits exactly like a ring and van be worn on the finger easily to look like a dangling extra finger. With earrings that look like ears and extra fingers, honestly would you consider wearing these?

This is how the extra finger can be worn
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