Make your very own gel eyeliner at home with natural ingredients

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2 What do you need for making this gel eyeliner?

In order to make this gel eyeliner, you need the following ingredients. You would need activated charcoal dust and any of the following- aloe Vera gel and coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil. Depending on the eyeliner that you want to make you can use either oil or water. In case you are using water, always try and use distilled water so that it does not infect your eyes. In case you want your eyeliner to be more pigmented then you can mix more amount of charcoal dust or less coconut oil and aloe Vera gel. Charcoal can also be substituted with cocoa powder if you want brown eyeliner. If you are using colors, try and use colors which are permitted.

What do you need for making this gel eyeliner?
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