This man highlights women’s clothing issues by actually wearing them

This man highlights women’s clothing issues by actually wearing them


In today’s mad world of fashion dictating women’s sizes and severely impacting women’s health, there are sane voices of reason and protest form unexpected quarters. While you may feel men love that slim look, it’s not all who want their girlfriends to look like anorexic robots.

Benjamin Ashton cooper is one such guy who shows the world its mistakes. This man highlighted woman’s clothing issues in the most amusing but sarcastic way possible.

1 Benjamin Cooper chose to highlight a social issue in a unique way

Benjamin Cooper from Delta Pennsylvania was helping his girlfriend Nicki Louloudis to sort out her closet he noticed something very weird with some of the clothes she ws throwing out. On some were marked XL, That’s extra large, but how could that be because they didn’t even look large and even looked as it would fit him.

Well Benjamin then realized the sad reality of women’s clothing sizes and how they were harming women. Benjamin doesn’t wear and extra large size being a small made man. He then did the amusing thing of trying on one of the dresses on and it fit him perfectly. He posted the pic on Facebook and while you may think this seems funny,

Benjamin instead is symbolic with what’s wrong with the world today.

Benjamin Cooper chose to highlight a social issue

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2 He posted his comments on Facebook and there is a huge truth in what he says

Benjamin went as far as posting his comments on Facebook with wearing that dress. Well one can’t help thinking, that’s a cute dress, how in the world is it extra large. One can’t help lend support when this man highlighted womens clothing issues in the best way possible.

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3 Fashion shouldn’t determine clothing at the risk of health

Benjamin’s post has gone viral and gained a lot of support from all quarters. It was shared an unbelievable 250,000 times.

It goes to show how messed up the system is. In 1958 an extra large size was numbered a size 16. Today it’s numbered an 8. If the dress Benjamin is wearing is an 8 can you imagine what a size L or medium may be? This is precisely the reason why women obsessed with fashion are suffering from lifestyle diseases such as bulimia and anorexia. Fashion demands a size zero to determine a slim or small figure and that’s totally hogwash. How many of you agree with this amazing man who highlighted women’s clothing issues in this remarkable way?

Fashion shouldn’t determine clothing

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