Teens are now following a new tattooing trend and the results are creepy

Teens are now following a new tattooing trend and the results are creepy


First it was tattoos and piercings, then the latest terrifying trend graduated to the new form of tattooing called scarification and if that wasn’t enough to make the younger generation gothic enough, there’s a new trend doing the rounds that completes your attire of weird, scary and whatever you may like to call it.

The new eyeball tattooing trend is both crazy and weird. In fact there are some styles of eye coloring that look really bizarre.

1 The new trend changing your eye color

If you thought this had something to do with colored lenses, then think again. Eye coloring involves the scary aspect of tattooing your eyeballs. Terrified of the thought, or did your hairs on your neck stand at the prospect of a needle hammering at your eyes filling them with color.

Eye tattooing is creepy but that doesn’t stop thousands of youngsters taking to the new fashion craze.

The new trend changing your eye color

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2 The Person who started it, Luna Cobra

The credit for this awesome but weird eyeball tattooing trend goes to a US. Tattoo artist who goes by the name of Luna Cobra who says ‘There used to be a private body modification convention that happened every few years in Canada,’ says Cobra. ‘An old friend had photo shopped a picture of his eyes to look blue like in Dune. I told him, I think I can do that for real.’

The Person who started it, Luna Cobra

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3 How is eye tattooing done?

Luna Cobra first started experimenting with eyeball tattooing. The idea soon caught on and it started a huge trend which slowly picked up in momentum. The process is of course extremely painful and those undergoing the procedure are also at risk of going blind. Despite of this people still undergo eyeball tattooing.

How is eye tattooing done

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4 A Permanent process

Eyeball tattooing requires a complex technique of injecting a pigment directly into the eyeball. The pigment then settles beneath the thick top layer of the eyeball. The entire white of the eye is then colored with pigment. The effects are permanent and not reversible. Thus if you should ever want to undergo the process of eyeball tattooing, you need to think very hard before making a decision as there is no turning back.

A Permanent process

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