These are some traditional wedding dresses around the world

8 China

The Chinese wedding is full of bright red colors since white is considered unlucky for weddings. The wedding dress can have 2 pieces and there is always a big coat to be worn on top of a shirt and the dress for both groom and bride is long. For brides, they have to wear a special tiara like headdress decorated with feathers, golden and silver elements.

wedding dress in China
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9 India

India is predominantly Hindu nation and the brides in India usually choose red or orange saris or lehengas, which are basically a dress consisting of a blouse and a long skirt with lots of embroidery on it, for their wedding day. Also lots of jewelry is involved and henna is applied to the hands and feet of the bride in beautiful designs. Grooms usually choose suit or sherwanis, which are long coats worn over a shirt with traditional bottom pajamas.

Traditional Indian wedding dress
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