Ever wondered why people wear Watches on the left hand? Here’s the reason why

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3 Digital Watches Were Set From the Right

In the eighties, companies like Casio of Japan introduced the digital watch. Even then you will notice that the buttons for watch settings are on the right side of the watch. Obviously these were put there to be accessed by the right hand. Thus the watch has always been meant to be worn on the left hand.

Perhaps there is also another reason for wearing watches on the left hand. As most right handed people are used to working with their right hand, a watch worn on the left hand would be subjected to the least amount of movement and thus scratches and damage would be prevented. Today however, it seems everything goes and neither fashion nor trends have boundaries, it’s a matter of do what you will, so watches too are worn on either hand whichever is comfortable.

Digital Watches Were Set From the Right
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