Just give 4 minutes each day for 28 days and get a brand new body

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Having a strong core and torso can give you ample protection against injury, can give relief from back and knee pains. Even your posture can improve and your everyday life gets better as you become fitter. If you only have a limited amount of time to do exercise in a day, thanks to your schedule, then you have to focus strictly on the core of the body, since strengthening the core means strengthening the body in many different ways. There is a exercise challenge that has gone viral currently known as planking and here is why it has gotten so famous and viral.

1 What is Plank?

Plank is an exercise which is done when a person gets on the floor and rests all of his body weight on his elbows and feet only. Plank is regarded as one of the best core building exercises as it is generally focused on getting you a more strengthened core. Core exercises are also easy and require no equipment and can be done at home whenever you have time and have to do just for a few minutes. Right now on social media, a fitness challenge is taking fitness fanatics by storm and that challenge is the either 28 day or the 30 day plank challenge. It requires you to perform this exercise for the given amount of time and increasing the time of doing the exercise every day. Click on next slide to know how to do the plank challenge.

What is Plank?
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