9 Oddest naturally occurring and herbal cancer cures

Cancer affects millions of people worldwide and billions of dollars are spend every year on researching new means to fight and cure cancer.

Orthodox methods of cancer cures like chemotherapy, radiation are extremely costly and can prove traumatic for the patients battling with cancer. Therefore people have turned to herbal, current and other natural complements to help prevent diseases such as skin and prostate cancers. Although many of these supplements have positive effects, helping to lessen the symptoms of certain types of ailments or of chemotherapy usage itself, many medical professionals warn that the huge bulk of such herbal treatments for cancer are not operative in treating, let alone curing, dangerous and fatal cancers.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States have put forth a list of herbal cures for cancer and that list has over 180 herbal products that have been claimed to successfully treat and cure cancer. The following are 9 most normally mentioned and oddest herbal cures for cancer.

1 Dichloroacetate

Dichloroacetate or DCA is used by doctors along with many other constituents for skin care products. In common use, chloro plasma is supposed to level wrinkles and help renew the skin with an anti-aging formulation.

But there is no proof to sustenance that it can treat or cure any type of skin cancer. Though it has been claimed by some sellers to be a wonder drug, DCA did not demonstrate as having any sort of effective treatment after clinical trials.

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