Here is why sharing your bed with your dog is good for you


Most dog lovers allow their dogs onto their bed every night as they prepare to sleep. This provides multiple benefits both to the dog as well to humans. While many people don’t do this out of fear of hygiene and other matters, it is quite safe as they are house dogs and moreover the benefits of doing these are plenty. Let us go over the list of benefits we have compiled for you.

1 The Benefits of Sleeping with your dog in bed

Reduces Anxiety: Dogs offer unconditional love which increases the feel good factor in humans. In fact there are therapy dogs in some hospitals that are made to visit patients to offer them their love and warmth. They are known to provide security and warmth that goes a long way in promoting good health. So, allow your dog onto your bed at night and watch your anxiety dissipate.

Benefits of Sleeping with your dog

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2 They Help you sleep better

The presence of your dog in your bed promotes a feeling of warmth, security and comfort. As it snuggles against you, you can’t help but feel cosy and drift off into deep sleep.

dogs help you sleep better

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3 Alleviates Stress

Dogs are known to be beings of pure love and unconditional loyalty. Having a dog at night in your bed alleviates your stress as its presence gives you support and peace apart from coziness.

Alleviates Stress

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4 They Warm the bed

The fur on the dog keeps it warm and when it snuggles against us, the warmth spreads to us as well. In cold chilly nights, having a dog sleep under your blanket can double as a room heater and leave you feeling warm safe and secure.

They Warm the bed

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5 They cure depression

Humans have to cope with a lot and in the bargain many end up with depression and the like. This four legged therapist is the best remedy for curing this low feeling as it offers you unconditional love and support at all times. Dogs can sense the moods and feelings of humans and immediately snuggle close to them. They nudge and pull, sometimes come and lie on your lap; they want to make their love and presence felt. Their eyes convey the depth of their love and loyalty.

sleeping with dog cure depression

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6 They provide safety and security

A dog guards the house like none. They are alert at all times and this keeps us feeling safe and secure. At night times, they are far more vigilant and watch the house as we sleep peacefully.

dogs provide safety and security

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7 Your Dog benefits as well

Touch and warmth is good for your dog too and proximity with you ensures that your dog feels safe secure and warm as well.

Wow, these are such wonderful reasons to let your dog on the bed, aren’t they? So, anytime you feel dull, depressed, in the blues and not so good, you know what to do. Get a dog and snuggle with it.

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