Scientists are now warning you to get rid of your Aluminum Foil and this is the reason why

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Aluminum foil is widely used in both domestic and industrial applications for food packaging and wrapping. Every person has at least one roll of aluminum wrap in the kitchen cabinets. The food packaging industry too caters to an excessive demand of aluminum foil for food containers. But!! Scientists are now warning against the widespread use of aluminum foil as it could endanger your health.

Recent studies have now observed the dangerous effects of aluminum foil which leak out into food in alarming levels that is an immediate cause for concern.

1 Aluminum Accumulates In the Body Especially the Brain and Bones

Research studies have now found that levels of aluminum being leaked into food are now a major cause for concern. The study found that foods reheated or cooked in ovens using aluminum foil contained exceptionally high amounts of aluminum that could affect the body in many negative ways.

Aluminum in the body can cause osteoporosis and lead to the development of Alzheimer’s. One of the authors of the study, Dr Zubaidy has commented that the leaking of aluminum from aluminum foil also depends on the temperature and the higher the temperature, the higher the levels being leaked into food.

Aluminum Accumulates In the Body
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