Scientists are now warning you to get rid of your Aluminum Foil and this is the reason why

4 Proof that aluminum is linked to Alzheimer’s

The study also observed that certain amounts of aluminum also made its way to brain tissue. This was also verified by autopsies performed on those dying from Alzheimer’s which found aluminum deposits in the brain. These are the main reasons why you need to stop using aluminum foil and aluminum utensils for cooking.

Steps to prevent aluminum toxicity

Do not cook or heat food using aluminum foil

Use aluminum foil to store cold food

Never brew tea or coffee using aluminum pots and pans

Do not store tomatoes and citric fruits in aluminum foil

Replace aluminum foil with wax paper instead

Rather than aluminum vessels use glass containers or stainless steel for storage, cooking and baking. Tempered glass pans are also ideal to use.

Aluminum is linked to Alzheimer’s
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