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Do you know about Cord Blood ? Read this you will be surprised


Cord Blood

At the early stage, several expectant dads and moms always consider keeping their new baby’s umbilical cord blood as it carries some stem cells which contain the ability to split/transform into several other cells living in the human body system. An ability that is very advantageous should the child ever develop some life threatening disease like the leukemia, sickle cell anemia, or lymphoma. They may however, not be capable to either protect them or address any other age-related or cancers diseases.


Cord blood is well-rich in stem cells

All About Storing Umbilical Cord Blood

Blood is being extracted from the umbilical cord at birth through a particular procedure, and afterwards stored. This extracted blood is well-rich in stem cells, hence could be used for treatment someday should the child be afflicted with diseases such as the above listed. Meanwhile, there will as well be an increased maternal DNA risk that contaminates the cord blood during labour. Stem cells as a result of its metamorphosing attributes can as well aid the repairs of blood vessel, organ, and tissues. These same cells can also be found in any of baby teeth, bone marrow, the fetal tissues, circulating blood, and so on in addition to the umbilical cords. The fact is, all the parts of the human body contain stem cells with the just clause that not all has concentrations that is rich enough for a medical harvest.


These same cells can also be found in any of baby teeth

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It is on record that cord blood stem cells have been successfully used for the treatment of over seventy (70) various diseases including blood disorders, cancers, as well as immune deficiencies. Hodgkin’s disease, Leukemia, thalassemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and aplastic anemia are all among these conditions. Transplants of cord blood can also be used for the treatment of rare or fatal metabolic disorders like the Sanfilippo syndrome and the Krabbe disease.


cord blood cells are capable of bringing back lives

Despite the above details about stem cells, it will be good to know that they currently possess a limited possibility of curing any disease from the gene. Identical genetic markers existence within a child’s body and his cord blood, which implies that direct transplants will never deliver any useful, unaffected cell. Cord blood at times aids a sibling that is afflicted with genetic disease and does not have any effect on the donor. But the unfortunate thing is that siblings only share 25% (percent) chance of being a viable match, with a lesser chance of a child’s capability to donate to his parents. Not minding these challenges, none is against the fact that cord blood cells are capable of bringing back lives. In fact, experts in the Medical Institution have reported that umbilical cord blood saves 6,000 out of 20,000 lives, while several of the patients got life-saving treatments through the bone marrow transplantation and not with the National Marrow Donor Program.

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It is also important to consideration that it is very unlikely that babies will ever need cord blood. As according to a journal- “Obstetrics and Gynecology”: there is but just one in 2,700 chances that someone will ever use stored cord blood for treatment. However, publicly donated cord blood has saved people. Even the U.S. hospitals collect and store it. But for the parents, the choice is never between banking publicly or privately, rather between its outright disposal and private banking.

cord blood

cord blood cells are capable of bringing back lives

On a final note, it is quite expensive to bank a baby’s umbilical cord blood privately. It may cost almost $2,000 storing cord blood just for the first year. Hence, available option is the public storage. This option makes it available through a national registry like bone marrow. Here, no cost is incurred by the donor, and families can call for transplanting if the donation is still available.

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