Do you know about Cord Blood ? Read this you will be surprised

It is also important to consideration that it is very unlikely that babies will ever need cord blood. As according to a journal- “Obstetrics and Gynecology”: there is but just one in 2,700 chances that someone will ever use stored cord blood for treatment. However, publicly donated cord blood has saved people. Even the U.S. hospitals collect and store it. But for the parents, the choice is never between banking publicly or privately, rather between its outright disposal and private banking.

cord blood
cord blood cells are capable of bringing back lives

On a final note, it is quite expensive to bank a baby’s umbilical cord blood privately. It may cost almost $2,000 storing cord blood just for the first year. Hence, available option is the public storage. This option makes it available through a national registry like bone marrow. Here, no cost is incurred by the donor, and families can call for transplanting if the donation is still available.

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