This ginger plaster will cure you of aches and pains caused by inflammation and rheumatism

This ginger plaster will cure you of aches and pains caused by inflammation and rheumatism


Ginger is one of the oldest natural health ingredients known to man. It has been used over the centuries in natural healing as an anti inflammatory and rejuvenation agent. The Chinese have always sourced the properties of ginger root in herbal medicine and as a revitalize. Ginseng belong to the family of ginger is a popular and common ingredient in Chinese natural remedies for health and potency. Ginger is known to cure and reduce symptoms of arthritis, headache, cough and cold, fatigue and muscle soreness. It increases blood circulation to improve general health.

Ginger can be incorporated in meals, tea and even as a tonic where a teaspoon of ginger juice daily is beneficial for the body. Although you may have heard these facts mentioned before, have you heard about the remedy called Ginger Press?

1 Ginger press, what is it?

Ginger press is a natural remedial local application where a solution made form ginger cures and relives pain caused by rheumatism, swollen veins like varicose veins, muscle soreness and muscle sprain. Ginger press targets the source of pain by penetrating the skin. You may experience a burning sensation but that’s nothing to worry about. To make a ginger press solution you’ll need the following items. Read on to note the method of making the press.

  • Ginger root crushed
  • Two tablespoons of sea salt
  • Four garlic cloves peeled
Ginger press

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2 Method of making the ginger press

Peel the garlic and crush the ginger. Now with a pestle and mortar grind the three ingredients together to form a coarse mixture. Take a clean sheet of plastic film and apply a layer of the ginger paste on it. Place this on the inflamed area. Use a bandage or tape to secure the press in place. The press should be left on for six hours to one day.

Method of making the ginger press

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3 The medicinal properties of Ginger have been proven by research

Ginger has an amazing nutritional value containing 12 compounds that reduce inflammation and pain. It is been proved by research to inhibit inflammation caused by prostaglandins produced by Cox 1 and 2 which are enzymes associated with infection and inflammation. Ginger also reduces the brain receptors sensitivity to pain working in the same way as painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs without their side effects. Do not apply ginger press to open wounds.

The medicinal properties of Ginger

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