Effect of a gluten free diet on our health


Many people have decided to start consuming gluten free meals. Are these meals really beneficial?

Celebrities like Jenny McCarthy, Ryan Gosling and Gwyneth Paltrow are few of the celebrities who have decided to start consuming gluten-free meals. The reason for this is not due to the fact that they dislike gluten but it is because they feel the meals are healthier without gluten. Because of this sole reason, most people have decided to adopt the gluten free meal. A number of American residents numbering about 1.6million that consume a gluten free meal haven’t been diagnosed with celiac disease. Is the gluten free meal really beneficial to our wellbeing?


gluten free diet

About 1 percent or 1 in 133 persons are infected with celiac disease. Gluten can be defined as a sort of protein that is in triticale, wheat, rye and barley. Gluten serves as a gluing agent in foods such as pasta, bread and cereals and helps them to maintain a good shape. Gluten is also used in most cosmetics such as balm. Furthermore, it is also used in the common glue which is used on stamps and envelopes. Consumption of gluten by some people can lead to sickness. About 18 million residents of USA are known to be incompatible with gluten. It causes san irritation otherwise called non-celiac gluten sensitivity. It also causes diarrhea, fever and fatigue. Gluten also causes an immune imbalance which affects the small intestine lining. This effectively suggests that the body can’t absorb certain nutrients to the blood, thus causing weight loss and anemia

A gluten free eating routine means dodging all nourishments that contain the protein, even in the most littlest sums for C. Confections, oat, bread, pies and cakes, pastas, prepared meats, French fries and soups are part of a variety of food ought to be dodged, unless they are particularly named gluten free. Oats can come into contact with wheat amid generation stages, so unless named gluten free, they ought to likewise be avoided from a strategic distance. There are numerous meals that are commonly gluten free, including leafy foods, eggs, meats, fish and poultry products, natural beans, seeds and nuts, and the larger part of dairy items.

gluten free diet

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While the accessibility of gluten free meals is awesome for individuals who are sensitive to gluten, many more people without such prejudice are now interested in gluten free foods. What is their reason? A large number of us accept gluten is awful for us, notwithstanding when there is next to no investigative proof proving it is.

Numerous grains and starches are permitted as a component of a gluten free eating routine, including buckwheat, corn and cornmeal, flax, quinoa, rice, soy, arrowroot and millet. Celiacs ought to be watchful, nonetheless, that these grains have not been blended or prepared with grains or additives that have gluten. Eating gluten free meal may have been tasking 10 years back, because a huge numbers of our staple meals contain the protein. In any case, markets are presently supplied with an exhibit of gluten free options, but at a higher cost than gluten-containing items.

A dietician and spokesman of UK’s Association of Nutrition said that Gluten only has a detrimental effect on patients suffering from celiac. According to a clinical dietician at the Cleveland University Medical Centre, Lisa Cimperman who is also the spokeswoman of the Nutrition and Dietetics Academy, “Gluten is not important to the human health neither does it have a negative effect”.

In conclusion, it is imperative to note that consumption of gluten before a celiac disease test might result into a false negative if the person had been consuming gluten free meals beforehand. Celiac patients should discuss with their dieticians if they intend to consume gluten free meals.

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