Brilliant hacks about staying up at night you never knew

Brilliant hacks about staying up at night you never knew


Pulling an all-nighter is necessary to get certain things done, whether it is to avoid flunking an exam or to shine at a presentation or to even sew your child’s costume for a school play. No matter how determined you are to keep the sandman away, you mostly end falling asleep halfway through the night. These cool hacks will keep you up and about throughout late nights. Staying awake at night is not really encouraged on a regular basis. However, all-nighters are needed from time to time. Unless you know the best hacks to pull one, you could be so not happy. Arm yourself with these tips and get going on the road to staying up at night without much pain.

1 Freeze the Sleep Away

Keep some ice in your freezer whenever you are planning to sit up late night. Every time you feel like you are dozing off, take an ice cube and rub it on your face and over your eyelids. It will even help to eat an ice cube- but you might catch a cold, so be careful.

Freeze the Sleep Away

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2 Practice Acupressure

Applying pressure on certain parts of your body will help keep sleep away. Press against the back of your knees, give your earlobes a tug and rub the back of your palm, right between your index finger and thumb. This can give you the energy to sit up till late at night. And yes, it is a tried and tested way by people who are forced into staying up at night.

Practice Acupressure

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3 Hydrate Well

Keep drinking water. Dehydration drains you of all your energy. If not water, keep drinking light liquids like fruit juices. Avoid drinking milk as it would make you sleepy.

Hydrate Well

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4 Drink Coffee

Caffeine can wake you up any time of the day. Down an espresso or two and you will be all set to go! This is one of the most popular hacks to stay up late night.

Drink Coffee

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5 If not Coffee, then Cola

If you are not a big fan of coffee, then drink Cola. I know this is not the healthiest of suggestions, but Cola too has a decent amount of caffeine that would help you get going throughout the night.

If not Coffee, then Cola

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6 Get Wings with Red Bull

Red Bull can actually give you the energy to not fall asleep. Keep a stock of Red Bull with you if you have an important exam to study for. Red Bull not only gives you wings but also helps in staying up at night!

Get Wings with Red Bull

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7 Snack Away

Keep a chocolate bar or some nuts with you and keep snacking on them. It will keep you occupied and energized. Snacking is a great hack to try out if you have plans for a late night.

Snack Away

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8 Take a Nap in the Afternoon

If you are afraid that you might fall asleep at night, then take a long nap during daytime. This would usually leave you full of energy for the night. But certain ‘gifted’ people are capable of falling asleep late night even after sleeping through the day.

Take a Nap in the Afternoon

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9 Keep your Dinner Light

Generally you tend to feel too comfortable and tired after a heavy meal. So try to keep your dinner simple and light so that you can sit through the night without dozing off.

Keep your Dinner Light

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10 Exercise when Sleepy

Do some breathing exercises that would send in fresh oxygen into your brain to keep it awake. You can do a couple of push-ups or jumping jacks. You could even try walking up and down your room.

Exercise when Sleepy

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These brilliant hacks will certainly help you survive many late nights and get all your work done. So don’t hesitate to try them out. But yes, don’t make this a habit as proper and timely sleep, are needed for a healthy life.

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