The harmful effects of Microwave Cooking and how it can impact your health

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The microwave oven was hailed as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. It revolutionized cooking where housewives now had a convenient contraption that would instantly warm, defrost, thaw and cook food at the touch of a button. However, what you need to know is the biggest fact that Microwave technology wasn’t conceived and invented for kitchen cooking, it was for a far more sinister purpose and that was to be a new weapon of war.

The microwave was designed by scientists during World War II for improving bombs. Microwaves along with radar perfected results of seeking out Nazi bombers and prevent bombings. Microwaves are a form of radiation and that is why they are harmful. This article will inform you about the side effects of Microwave cooking.

1 What is Microwaving Technology?

Microwaves are also part of the electromagnetic spectrum similar to radio and sound waves. Besides war technology they are also used in Information technology, radar and mobile phones. Microwaves are a form of non ionized technology that does not possess the required high energy to transform the molecular structure of any substance.

Various material react to microwaving in different ways. Metal objects reflect microwaves, glass is transparent to it and plastics have a varied reaction. Materials that contain water absorb microwave energy which converts to heat energy. That is how a Microwave cooks your food. If you have noticed, trying to warm dry food in a microwave takes longer in comparison to food that contains liquid. What’s most interesting to microwave technology is that microwave containers won’t get hot unless food is put in them.

What is Microwaving Technology
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