The harmful effects of Microwave Cooking and how it can impact your health

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3 Microwave cooking can release dangerous carcinogens into food

Studies in the Journal of Agricultural and food chemistry researching Microwave cooking found that vitamin b12 was lost from food such as meat and milk. The total vitamin value also showed a 40% loss during the process. Breast milk warmed in microwaves was robbed of its antibacterial properties whereas frozen breast milk heated at high temperatures showed an increase of E coli.

Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of Microwave cooking was the creation of carcinogens in the process. When you heat food contained in plastic, carcinogens are created during that process. The Russian government at one time had issued a warning about the negative health impact of microwave cooking. Research found Microwaved foods to contain toxins such as BPA, PET (polyethylene Terpthalate, benzene, toluene and xylene. This was because of the plastic containers being used to heat food. Instead the microwave energy was causing the food to absorb such carcinogens released from the plastic containers in the heating process.

Microwave cooking can release dangerous carcinogens into food
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