The harmful effects of Microwave Cooking and how it can impact your health

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5 To microwave or not to microwave

This is the big question. There is no perfect answer to what may now seem to you as confusing. If microwaves can kill you, so can body fat and all the junk food out there too. To use the microwave as a convenient appliance for emergencies and warming food may be acceptable provided you use the highest quality of vessels. Moreover, if using a microwave creates benefits that outweighs the risks and helps you maintain your body weight then isn’t that acceptable too?

Ideally no one should be using a microwave but for a busy bee wanting to shed weight it can help. It would make more sense eating microwaved sweet potatoes along with a serving of leafy greens and lean protein rather than trying to maintain a raw diet for a few days and gorging on steaks thereafter.

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