Dislike someone chewing with his mouth open? then this is what you suffer from

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Don’t you just hate people eating with their mouths open? Do you get annoyed with someone chewing loudly, somehow those chewing and slurping noises can actually get on your nerves. But!! Consider this fact; is the next person sitting next to you bothered by the same activity? Maybe not because a negative reaction to chewing noises may be the result of a psychiatric condition called Misophonia. That’s what you may be having.

As weird as it may sound, Misophonia is the condition of being annoyed at chewing noises or slurping. But honestly, Misophonia or not, eating with ones mouth wide open and chewing loudly like a cow masticating is downright rude and bad manners.

1 Annoyed with all kinds of disturbing sounds

Those suffering from Misophonia get annoyed with someone chewing or doing just about anything related to eating loudly. It could be drinking, eating loud, slurping, sniffing food and even loud breathing. Well that may sound abit extreme, so you can well imagine the person with such a disorder being angry for someone breathing.

Misophonia isn’t associated with all sounds of activity from a body. It is certain sounds that trigger a rage. Next time you breathe loudly in front of someone and you see him visibly agitated, let him know he has Misophonia. Those suffering from Misophonia don’t really have much control on their surroundings; as a result it can cause a huge anxiety attack in the persons suffering from it. Those with such a condition find it difficult to work in social environments like schools and colleges. It can even make a job intolerable.

Annoyed with all kinds of disturbing sounds
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