What you should know about SSPE A rare killer dsease that attacks children

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4 How is SSPE diagnosed and what is its treatment

These are the factors used for determining SSPE

  • Optic nerve damage
  • Muscle twitching
  • Impaired performance movement tests

Further tests that will be required are an electroencephalogram, MRI, Spinal tap, serum antibody titer which is a blood test that checks for any previous infection of measles.

Treatment of SSPE:

There is no cure at present for SSPE. Doctors prescribe antiviral drugs that retard the progression of the condition. Anticonvulsant drugs are also administered to control seizures. According to NINDS, SSPE can be fatal and victims can succumb within one to three years to the disease. Some people tend to live longer.

How is SSPE diagnosed and what is its treatment
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