Want to lose 800 calories in 3 minutes? Try this new technique

Want to lose 800 calories in 3 minutes? Try this new technique


People will do anything to lose weight. Whether it is running for 20 miles or spending 3 hours in the gym using various machines etc and even going to the extent on living on boiled food for months, people will go to extreme lengths in order to lose weight. But what if we told you there was a way using which you can easily lose 800 calories in 3 minutes in one session. Read on to find out the secret way to lose more weight in less time.

1 What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a pain treatment used by athletes which uses a localized method of using freezing temperatures to dull an erratic nerve and decrease pain. It also increases the effects of medicinal products that are used for different kinds of swelling and inflammations.

Cryotherapy, in some cases, also promotes curative and many other therapeutic effects. It works well on swelling and injuries of joints, muscles and tissues. It also improves and regulates the circulation of blood in various body parts and lowers the metabolism and reproductive machinery of the body to help in healing the body more quickly without side effects.

What is cryotherapy?

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2 How does it works?

Cryotherapy works by bringing down the temperature of the skin of the body in quick time and for only a short phase of time. This is mostly done by spraying the whole body with some small amount nontoxic nitrogen. The recipients can also use the cryotherapy chambers, which are nothing but huge barrel shaped enclosures in which the same spray is done and the treatment is done when the patient is standing up.

This short lessening of body temperature causes a rapid release of adrenaline in the body. This explosion of adrenaline in the body gives an incredible enhancement to the immune system of the body and this effect lasts for up to days after the cryotherapy treatment. It also starts short time releases of endorphins, which are natural pain killers of our body. This changed functioning of the body system has the outcome in accelerated healing of injuries and pain and also well-being of the body’s organs, cells and system.

Cryotherapy works by bringing down the temperature

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3 How to lose the calories?

In Australia the same technique is being used to help people lose weight. You can lose 800 calories in just 3 minutes using the cryo chamber and it just costs $75 AUD only. 35 year old Kelly Edwards, a teacher underwent this process of standing in a cryotherapy chamber for 3 minutes to get rid of body ache and found that her dress size reduced from 12 to 10 in a month. The temperature in the camber drops till -140 degrees, burning most fat in the body when it fights to keep warm enough for it to function naturally. It has been advertised by Peter Watson of Cryofitness who says, “When using the cryosauna your body is working overtime to protect the vital organs from the cold. It does this by pushing the blood from your extremities to your core. Then once you leave the cryosauna your body is working even harder to warm up again. This process burns up to 800 calories.”

How to lose the calories

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