How your body benefits in 8 different ways when performing a plank

How your body benefits in 8 different ways when performing a plank


Are you one of those busy working people who just can’t find time to work out at a gym? Although you may not find time off from your schedule due to work constraints or because of being a full time parent, that doesn’t mean you can’t be fit and healthy. There is one exercise which may look easy but isn’t but which can be performed in office or at home is the Plank. The health benefits of the plank are many.

The plank is one of the best bodyweight exercises that actually works out all of your body muscles and your core without having to move around. All you need is the space the size of your own body, no gear and just 10 minutes of your time. It’s an amazing exercise which will benefit your body in 8 different ways.

1 All about the Plank

The plank is both easy and hard. It is simple to perform but 2 minutes into the plank and you’re already feeling the strain of the position. That’s when you need to maintain just a few minutes more to get the best benefits. From this image you can see the plank works out muscles the entire length of your body like shoulders, the core, abs and even your legs.

The most important rule to remember when performing the plank is to keep your body straight. Your head and upper torso should all be in one straight line. If you’re a novice to the plank just hold the position for 20 seconds then rest and again resume. Initially you can start on 3 reps and increase as your body conditions itself to the exercise. Take a look at the benefits of performing plank reps every day.

 All about the Plank

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2 Strengthens your core and reduces tummy fat

The plank improves core strength as well as works out your obliques. Your abs improves and you will also lose that abdominal fat in time to gain a flat tummy which is what you always wanted. When performing any workout like the plank, you need to maintain a healthy diet too.

Strengthens your core and reduces tummy fat

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3 Helps you burn calories even when at rest

Performing the plank initiates calorie burning in your body even when you’re not exercising. It improves your metabolism towards calorie burn and muscle building.

Helps you burn calories

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4 Planks will improve your posture

Sitting at an office desk all day is the worst thing for anyone. The Plank will improve your posture and help you get a strong back.

Planks will improve your posture

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5 Improves balance and flexibility

During the first few days you may experience balance issues especially if you introduce plank variations like stretching out on one knee or one hand. But this will gradually improve your balance and flexibility.

Improves balance and flexibility

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6 Strengthens your back

One of the best benefits of the plank is a strong back. Due to the strain caused by the plank posture on your back, your lats and back muscles are strengthened leading to a stronger and straighter back.

Plank Strengthens your back

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7 Strong joints and bones

The plank as a body weight exercise improves muscle strength and as well as joint and bone strength too.

Strong joints and bones

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8 Increases energy

Due to the improvement of metabolism leading to calorie burning, you gain a constant supply of energy as that is what is released during calorie burn. You find yourself invigorated and active. You find yourself bursting with energy in comparison to always feeling exhausted. Most importantly, the benefits of the plank improve your health.

Plank Increases energy

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