Prescription drugs could be a possible cause for dementia


A very common drug used and administered for heartburn issues has been revealed to be an essential link in cases of dementia in old people. According to the findings of this German study, this could change the way the world sees dementia. This study was published in the JAMA Neurology journal. It also revealed that regular intake of PPIs could cause dementia as well.

1 The Story Of PPIs

Individuals who regularly were administered proton-pump inhibitors that comprise drug names such as Prevacid, Nexium and Prilosec might just be more prone to become afflicted with dementia. Such individuals were about 44 per cent more at risk for developing dementia in comparison with individuals who were not on such dosage. According to this study, based on huge data from surveys that took into account 73,000 people with ages more than or equal to 75 years, the link could actually be helpful in determining the exact things related to dementia.

This indeed seems like an essential issue since we see a number of drugs or medicines that are prescribed for permanent or very long-term usage among the elderly. Now that it has come into focus how these drugs might just be inhibitors of dementia, medical experts can pull out the right deal.

The Story Of PPIs

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2 About 15 Million Have PPIs

This has also been confirmed in the editorial by Lewis Kuller, from the University of Pittsburgh.Close to 15 million people at the minimum, in United States of America alone are on regular use of PPIs. This is also tough to monitor if everything is prescribed given that the drugs are also available over the counter. These drugs function by the reduction in producing stomach acid. This can lead to severe side effects that include pain in the abdomen or nausea tendencies. Using them for a long term or for prolonged periods can also lead to weak bones, according to Medicine Net.

The study’s researchers made use of data from a leasing insurance company in Germany for collecting all facts for the study. The study took a look at 73,679 people who were above the age of 74 and those who took in PPIs.

It is essential to be noted that since this study made use of survey data, the same is being labelled an exclusively association study. More research is needed for establishing a cause-effect relationship. Mollie C. Wheeler, from Procter & Gamble, the manufacturer of Prilosec released an email statement saying, “Prilosec OTC is an FDA-approved, safe and effective remedy to relieve frequent heartburn symptoms.”

About 15 Million Have PPIs

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3 Be More Careful With OTC Medicines

She added that just like in the case of any OTC medication, it is essential to read and keep in mind all those label directions for proper doses and to wipe away the risk of drug interactions.A statement from The Consumer Healthcare Products Association said that this study only considered prescription PPIs and warned that people must be more careful while buying such medication over the counter. The statement reads, “With any OTC medication, consumers should read and follow the Drug Facts label closely to understand what each medicine is used for, to assure it is appropriate for use with their symptoms, to ensure appropriate dosing including duration of use, and to avoid drug interactions.”

Be More Careful With OTC Medicines

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