How to protect your kids from Hand Foot and Mouth disease which is on the rise this year

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The most harrowing aspect of being a parent is protecting your child from the several infectious diseases plaguing children all year through. Hand foot and mouth disease especially along with several other illnesses could well be transferred to healthy children through other sick children at school. Fortunately, routine vaccinations and inoculations do much to prevent disease especially at this particular time of the year.

Vaccines against Mumps measles and rubella are controlled by the mandatory MMR. Every parent should be aware of such things that would save a child from contracting such dreaded diseases that are widespread every year. Today medical technology has also brought out flu shots for combating the season’s most common and contagious illness. Most children to have grown accustomed to such vaccinations and are ok with it.

1 HFMD is now raging in the US

However as humanity evolves with modern lifestyles, disease too evolves and some even develop immunity such as the hand-foot-mouth disease which is proving extremely resistant and which affects 20,000 Americans on an annual basis.

Experts at the Georgia West Central health District have issued a warning that this year could be the dreaded diseases worst outbreak and parents should be careful. What is surprising is the fact that 2 months ago it was reported that even college students in Florida were contracting the disease which is usually prevalent among children.

HFMD is now raging in the US
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