How to protect your kids from Hand Foot and Mouth disease which is on the rise this year

2 What is Hand foot and mouth disease?

Hand foot and mouth disease is caused by the Coxsackie virus which is contagious and transmitted through coughing and sneezing. It is also known as Children usually contract even by coming into contact with blister fluid from other children. The virus spreads a lot in playpens and daycares. However the outbreak at Florida dormitories is now proof that adults can contract it too.

HFMD affects thousands of children year after year. It is particular contagious because of its manner of transmission through saliva, mucous and bodily fluid. The reason for it spreading in colleges is due to the sharing of food and drink among college kids who aren’t always in the best of health. Even aged people are prone to the disease because of weakened immune systems. Those living in communities and in Nursing homes are particularly vulnerable.

What is Hand foot and mouth disease
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