4 Potent and powerful remedies to cure epidemoid cysts


Sometimes you might notice a small painless lump growing beneath your skin. If by some reason you may acquire such a condition, it would most probably be under armpits, neck or beneath the scalp. These are epidemoid cysts which are usually confused with sebaceous cysts which are formed from oil glands and not skin tissue.

Epidemoid cysts are formed from skin tissue. They grow slowly and contain a thick foul smelling substance which is keratin a protein that builds up whenever pores are blocked due to acne or bacteria within the skin. Epidemoid cysts are harmless but irritating due to their emission of odor but they can be reduced by natural means. Here are four remedies for epidemoid cysts.

1 Apple Cider Vinegar

Treatment of skin tissue damage needs preventive but careful treatment. You need to be careful in treating epidemoid cysts and prevent them rupturing as that could spill bacteria into good cells. This is where apple cider vinegar comes in handy because of its potent anti bacterial properties. ACV cleans out the cyst and removes all bacteria.

Apply ACV to the affected area with a cotton swab thrice daily. When a hard skin layer forms over the cyst, it drains out leaving room for new skin to regenerate.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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2 Aloe Vera

Throughout centuries Aloe Vera has been considered a powerful remedy for epidemoid cysts and several skin conditions and for rejuvenation of skin. As an anti bacterial agent, it will attack the bacteria cells in the epidemoid cyst reducing it till it disappears. Apply the Aloe Vera gel extracted from stem and leaves to the cyst thrice or four times daily. To cure the cysts internally, you can also drink a glass of aloe Vera juice daily.

Aloe Vera

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3 Warm Castor Oil

Castor Oil is an age old remedy for various problems from stomach and digestion to skin conditions. Castor oil is anti inflammatory and anti bacterial in nature. Apply it to the cyst and leave on overnight. Do this for a few days and watch how the cyst softens and disappears completely.

Warm Castor Oil

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4 Hot and Cold Compress

Alternative hot and cold compress is great for circulation and a good remedy for epidemoid cysts. Applying both hot and cold compress to the cyst three to four times a day will initiate the healing process reducing and curing the cysts.

Although epidemoid cysts are common and one can spot them easily its best to exercise caution whenever you notice any unsual growth or lumps on your body. Consult a doctor immediately as appearance of lumps could be sebaceous cysts or more sever conditions like lymphoma.

Hot and Cold Compress

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