Cancer can kill you if treated late. 10 Signs cancer may be growing may be inside your body

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The biggest problem with Cancer is that invariably it is diagnosed when it is too late. However, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t warn you. That’s another bummer by the way because cancer symptoms are mistaken by most people as common health conditions. That is why you should never ignore any persisting condition plaguing you for an unusual length of time. Recognizing these early signs of cancer can well save your life one day.

1 Unusual lumps beneath the skin

Lumps beneath the skin where the surface seems smooth should always be shown to a doctor. A natural way to feel if anything is wrong is to touch the lump and feel the sensations. Similarly you can perform self examinations for lumps in the breasts, testicles, armpits, throat skin and abdomen. Lumps can ultimately develop in tumors by which time it may be too late.

Unusual lumps beneath the skin
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