Super ingredient found in your kitchen that can protect against fluoride poisoning

Super ingredient found in your kitchen that can protect against fluoride poisoning


Fluoride is a known poison and tough to avoid, almost 2/3rd of tap water in the USA contains fluoride where it is also present in bottled water and dental creams. Although fluoride is present in many facets of life, there is much you can do to neutralize its effects. According to a recent study in the pharmacognosy Magazine, there’s a great way to reverse the brain damaging effects of fluoride.

Curcumin or turmeric protects against fluoride poisoning. It is the amazing wonder ingredient observed by research studies to protect against brain degeneration and damage.

1 The poisonous effects of flouride

Research in the department of zoology at the University of Science in India has proved that turmeric is extremely effective against fluoride exposure that puts a user at risk of cancer and heart disease. There have been several studies to prove how fluoride in small amounts damages the brain. It also causes memory loss and behavioral problems such as impaired intelligence and also fetal brain impairment. Here are the various health risks of fluoride.

  • Damage to the hippocampus, the region that regulates emotions and memories
  • Brain plaque that causes Alzheimers
  • Pineal gland damage that disrupts sleeping patterns
  • Fetal brain degeneration
poisonous effects of flouride

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2 Turmeric protects against disease and improves immunity

Harvard Research on lab mice proved that curcumin or turmeric protects against fluoride poisoning where fluoride was reduced to safe levels in the body. This means that despite of being subjected to fluoride, curcumin is always there as an effective remedy to prevent its negative and damaging effects.

Besides turmeric protecting against fluoride poisoning, it has several health benefits such as improving digestion and boosting immunity in the body. Turmeric also helps prevent blood clotting in arteries and possess anti inflammatory properties.

Turmeric protects against disease

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