Tie an onion around your neck at night to get rid of this particular disease

2 The composition of Onion

Quercetin is another ingredient found in Onions which are known as flavonoids. Querctein like sulphur is one of the moan ingredients that give onions its cancer prevention properties. Red onions contain a huge amount of quercetin making it even more potent than the white variety.The beneficial part of the onion is mainly close to the roots and external rings near to the skin.

When onion juice enters the bloodstream it can kill bacteria and detoxify the skin. The phytochemcials in Onions such as disulfides, trisulfides, cepaene and vinyldithins are beneficial compounds that have a high degree of antimicrobial properties. Addditonally onions also contain Vitamin C, potassium and dietary fiber.

The composition of Onion for thyroid
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